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GNU Emacs Manual for Version 21 Ebook GNU Emacs Manual For Version 21 Author Richard M Stallman Pocket Bikes.us GNU Emacs Is Much Than A Simple Word Processor Over The Years It Has Expanded Into An Entire Work Flow Environment Programmers Will Be Impressed By Its Integrated Debugging And Project Management Features Emacs Is Also A Multi Lingual Word Processor, Can Handle All Your Email And Usenet News Needs, Display Web Pages, And Even Has A Diary And A Calendar For Your Appointments And When You Tire Of All The Work You Can Accomplish With It, There Are Games To Play Features Include Special Editing Modes For 25 Programming Languages Including Java, Perl, C, C , Objective C, Fortran, Lisp, Scheme, And Pascal Special Scripting Language Modes For Bash, Other Common Shells, And Creating Makefiles For GNU Linux, UNIX, Windows DOS And VMS Systems Support For Typing And Displaying In 21 Non English Languages, Including Chinese, Czech, Hindi, Hebrew, Russian, Vietnamese And All Western European Languages Creates Postscript Output From Plain Text Files And Has Special Editing Modes For LaTeX And TeX Compile And Debug From Inside Emacs Maintain Program ChangeLogs Extensive File Merge And Diff Functions Directory Navigation Flag, Move And Delete Files And Sub Directories Recursively Run Shell Commands From Inside Emacs, Or Even Use Emacs As A Shell Itself Eshell Set Up Tag Tables Version Control Management For Release And Beta Versions, With CVS And RCS Integration And Much This Book Picks Up Where The Introductory On Line Tutorial Included With Emacs Ends It Explains The Full Range Of Emacs Power And Contains Reference Material Useful To Expert Users Appendixes With Specific Material For MacIntosh And Microsoft OS Users Are Included.

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    An amazing book for an amazing application I use Emacs all day, every day, and this book pretty much contains every trick you d ever want to know aside from the myriad modules available for Emacs, many of which in turn justify their own manuals It took me a while before I actually bought a copy and it s been one of those purchases that, every time I pick it up, I think what on Earth took me so long If you re an Emacs user, you sh...

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    I probably should have given this book a five star rating due to size of accomplishment and scope of the GNU Emacs project However, I downgraded a star for accessibility You really need to be a hardcore UNIX geek to understand the minutia offered herein I ve used Emacs daily for over 10 years for writing, programming, and just about every function imaginable on a computer The details of the manual are aimed at people with such a backgroundso than the initiate interested in learning tex I probably should have given this book a fi...

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    Comprehensive and clear, this is the manual I turn back to when I want to make sure I m doing the right thing with emacs It has dated but none the less it still feels authoritative.

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    This is possibly the best manual for any word processor, ever.

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