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The Fall of Jerusalem and the Christian Church Read The Fall Of Jerusalem And The Christian Church Radingbooks.run What Lies Between The Authoritative Preeminence Of The Mother Church Of Jerusalem And The Virtual Extinction Both Of Its Life And Apparently Of All Its Local Records Dr Brandon Finds That The Full Significance Of The Fall Of Jerusalem In A.D 70 Has Been Strangely Neglected Amongst Scholars In This Original And Exhaustive Study He Shows That This Catastrophic Event Was Of Profound Importance Not Only For The Development Of Early Christianity But Possibly Also For Its Very Survival.Besides An Ordered Survey Of Other Ancient Historians, This Book Demonstrates An Extensive Study Of New Testament Origins, And Many Will Find Special Interest In The Light It Throws Upon The Origin And Purpose Of Canonical Works This Book Faces Seriously Problems Of New Testament Study That Have Generally Been Too Easily Dismissed, And It Makes A Definite And Original Contribution Towards Their Solution.

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    This is an interesting book, if you accept the unstated premises It is a useful book, in that it suggests that the order in which the New Testament books were written is important Ultimately it is a terrible book, in that the author has not examined his assumptions, and in most cases fails to acknowledge their existence.His first error is assuming the Gospels are attempting to present a chronological narrative of the life of Christ The gospels are not biographies and make no pretense of being so instead, they are arranged theologically, with only the major events presented chronologically Thus the birth of Christ comes at the beginning of Matthew and Luke the baptism of Christ occurs at the beginning of His ministry and the death and resurrection of Christ appear at the end Along this rough chronological timeline, the events of Christ s ministry are combined, blended, and reordered according to the author s theological schema In other words, the Gospels are organized theologically rather than chronologically This is important, because it helps resolve some of the seeming chronological ...

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    If you want to know about the official story of the history of the first century Christians, read the book of Acts If you want to understand what really happened from an historical perspective, read this book.

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