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The Stoned Family Robinson Read The Stoned Family Robinson Author Joselin Linder New Books.run For Many Days We Had Been Tempest Tossed And Our Stash Was Soaked Six Times Had The Darkness Closed Over A Gnarly Scene, And Returning Light As Often Brought A Renewed Jones While The Storm Raged On And After Seven Days All Hope Was Lost Of Finding That Magical Island To Grow Our Free Range Weed Unnoticed By Narcs Forget The Classic You Knew As A Child You Ve Never Seen The Robinsons Have So Much Fun Being Shipwrecked Until Now In This Highlarious Update Of The Beloved Family Adventure, You Can Smoke Up With The Whole Robinson Family While They Are Shipwrecked On An Uncharted Tropical Island.From Constructing A Home Made Entirely Of Weed And Sampling The Millions Of Strains Of Pot They Find On The Island To Trying To Make A Bong Out Of A Coconut, This Book Will Leave You Jonesing For

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    This book The Stoned Family Robinson , by Joselin Linder is a spoof from the original book The Swiss Family Robinson This book is about a family that is on ship with lots of other men Of course the ship is filled with marijuana The book starts off with the ship shinking and everyone on board panicking and trying to figur...

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    This book is so smokey and delicious you will get hungry for funyons just looking at it See that

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