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Goddess in Training Reading Goddess In Training Author Terry Spear Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk In A Game Of The Gods, Librarian Lisandra, Who Has Never Been Loved, Is Chosen To Be The Goddess Of Fertility The Demi God Of Pleasure, Assarian Is Ordered By Zeus To Train Her In The Hallowed Halls Of Mount Olympus To Prove To His Wife, Hera, Goddess Of Marriage, Mortals And Immortals Alike Only Need Be Physically Satisfied To Find Fulfillment, To Which Hera Disagrees All Creatures Must Have Love To Be Whole.

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    No, just no Don t waste the time and do it to yourselves Pass GO and don t collect the 200 Ugh I get that it was a short story but damn talk about no fleshing out of the characters, and also the weird grammar All you know about the characters is what the synopsis says, noinformation is given in the book besides descriptions of their looks Another thing, MR CANDY are you messing with me How in the hell would anyone believe the guy was named Candy along with randomly giving that No, just no Don t waste the time and do it to yourselves Pass GO and don t...

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    Hera and Zeus have different ideas about sex, love and fulfillment Hera believes all mortals and immortals must be loved to feel complete Zeus believes physical satisfaction is good enough for fulfillment.Lisandra is a librarian, who has lived a sheltered life when it comes to men She is the perfect candidate for the gods game Zeus sends Assarian, the demi god of pleasure, to seduce Lisandra Only Assarian finds...

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    was a cute lil short story have read another book by this author before and enjoyed that onethis one had enough to keep me interested and was kinda funny in parts though would have been cool if it was a longer one.but if ya like ya shortstories about gods and humans ya...

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