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One Coffee With Read One Coffee With By Margaret Maron Paletterie2000.eu An Award Winning Mystery Novelist And New York Times Bestseller, Margaret Maron Uses Her North Carolina Background When Writing The Popular Judge Deborah Knott Series But Before Deborah Knott, There Was Lt Sigrid Harald, A Homicide Detective With The NYPD Now, With The Re Release Of Maron S Very First Book, Long Out Of Print, New Readers Can Finally Get To Know The Character That Started It All In One Coffee With, We Meet Sigrid For The First Time When Murder Strikes The Art Department Of Vanderlyn College Who Poisoned The Deputy Chairman S Morning Coffee Everyone In The Department Had Both Motive And Opportunity And It Will Take Lt Harald S Cool, Level Headedness To Determine Who The Killer Is Before He Or She Strikes Again Ellery Queen S Mystery Magazine Has Said, Harald Is No Stereotypical Policewoman.Getting To Know Her Is A Pleasure While The San Diego Union Tribune Says, Maron Combines A Lighthearted Style, Surefooted Suspense, And A Captivating Cast.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 196 pages
  • One Coffee With
  • Margaret Maron
  • English
  • 23 January 2019

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    I am a big fan of Margaret Maron s Deborah Knott series, but had never given much thought to reading the Sigrid Harald series It just seemed too different from Deborah Knott to interest me that much That was before I read the most recent Knott mystery, Three Day Town, in which Sigrid played a part I found her an interesting character, one with an intriguing back story alluded to in Three Day Town.As this first novel in an eight book series was written in 1982, it was a bit like a trip back in time No cell phones, PCs, etc but as devices played no real part in the story, it was not particularly dated Sigrid is a detective with the NYPD one of the first females to reach that level and she runs into all the male prejudices attendant, but as I don t think that has changed very much I didn t find it jarring She is called in to investigate the poisoning of an art professor at the mythical NY City V...

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    In my worldview people read mysteries for two different reasons they either focus on the puzzle elements or they enjoy the comedy of manners that the characters play out against the setting I m in the second category I don t care much who killed whom or why, but I enjoy the interplay among the characters If the books are in an interesting setting, so much the better I loved Maron s Judge Deborah Knott series from the beginning Judge Knott is a hoot, and Colleton, South Carolina, is as much a character as any of the people who live and move and have their being in its benevolent landscape This first book in the Lt Sigrid Harald series is a straight up police procedural Clues are scattered around for the police and the reader to glean and try to fit together Even when I finished, I wasn t clear which of the characters was the murderer and why the deed was done and didn t much care It felt like an extended session of Clue Besides I get all the NYPD police procedural action I want from watching old episodes of Law Order from Netflix Normally I woul...

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    ONE COFFEE WITH OkayMaron, Margaret 1st in Sigid Harald seriesDetective Sigrid Harald finds herself involved with a variety of colorful and offbeat suspects as she investigates a murder in the art department of a prestigious university.It was intelligent and well written, but very slow.

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    Too arty for my liking Lost the characters within the history and description of paintings Felt Sigrid could have been developed so much within this short novel.

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    Margaret Maron s first novel after according to her introduction to this Kindle edition many years of writing only short stories, introduces New York City policewoman Sigrid Harald Although I ve been enjoying Maron s Deborah Knott series since the beginning, I was never very interested in the earlier series But now that Maron introduced Harald into the Deborah Knott series with Three Day Town, I thought I should go back and read at least one of the Harald books.It is somewhat evident that One Coffee With is a first novel Not that it s not good, but somehow it reads like a long short story The story of a murder in a college art department apparently did start out as a short story, and was revised and added to to bring it to the required length for a book In order to do this, Maron added a slightly unbelievable love at first sight subplot and another character w...

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    Margaret Maron is an author that I keep meaning to read especially after having read and enjoyed her first Judge Deborah Knott mystery and I keep getting sidetracked First published in 1982, One Coffee With takes Maron back to her beginnings as a writer, and her introduction to this newest release should not be missed.However the novel itself shows her inexperience at the time The book is so focused on the minute ins and outs of the Art Department that the story takes much too long to get moving By the time it does, I was almost at the point of wanting everyone to be found guilty and thrown in jail just so it would end Only when Maron begins to delve into Sigrid Harald s character does the book begin to come to life She s closed off and quirky and prefers to be left alone, but she has an eye for detail that s phenomen...

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    I ve been reading Margaret Maron s Deborah Knott series and throughly enjoying the thrills of her whodunnit stories After reading Three Day Town and being introduced to Lt Harald and I picked up the first in that series.Within the first few chapters, there are numerous characters thrown at us and at times I had to go back to figure ou...

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    Not as good as the Knott series.

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    2.5 stars I can t figure out why I liked this mystery so much the first time I read it roughly 10 years ago It has not aged well.

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    As a disclaimer, I haven t read Maron s Judge Deborah Knott series.The book was published 1982 and is very much a product of it s time There is an element of feminism, especially when you compare Sandy, the secretary to Sigrid An underlying theme of women are competent is woven throughout the book I appreciate it s clearly dated for the time it was written, but did we have to have the main female lead go gaga because a strong male showed her interest So many time it spoke about how Sigird could be beautiful, or was beautiful when she tried She doesn t know she s beautiful is a tired trope The mystery element was done well enough I found the characters hard to keep track of, and could have done ...

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