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Liberty Defined Download Liberty Defined By Ron Paul Nature Explore.eu In Liberty Defined, Congressman And 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Ron Paul Returns With His Most Provocative, Comprehensive, And Compelling Arguments For Personal Freedom To Date The Term Liberty Is So Commonly Used In Our Country That It Has Become A Mere Clich But Do We Know What It Means What It Promises How It Factors Into Our Daily Lives And Most Importantly, Can We Recognize Tyranny When It Is Sold To Us Disguised As A Form Of Liberty Dr Paul Writes That To Believe In Liberty Is Not To Believe In Any Particular Social And Economic Outcome It Is To Trust In The Spontaneous Order That Emerges When The State Does Not Intervene In Human Volition And Human Cooperation It Permits People To Work Out Their Problems For Themselves, Build Lives For Themselves, Take Risks And Accept Responsibility For The Results, And Make Their Own Decisions It Is The Seed Of America This Is A Comprehensive Guide To Dr Paul S Position On Fifty Of The Most Important Issues Of Our Times, From Abortion To Zionism Accessible, Easy To Digest, And Fearless In Its Discussion Of Controversial Topics, LIBERTY DEFINED Sheds New Light On A Word That Is Losing Its Shape.

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    I d always written Paul off as a nutcase looks like many reviews here that start that same way , but last Saturday I told a friend that Paul was probably the only candidate who would actually change the foundations of government After I said that the only conclusion I could come to is that I should read his recent book, which was refreshingly consistent and principled I ve never felt excited about a national politician, but I think Paul might be authentic and genuine enough for me to passionately support For those who voted for Ob...

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    In the run up to any presidential election, it is not uncommon to see new books hit the market from the pens of those who are in the running These books often take the form of memoirs, introducing readers to the candidates on a personal level at other times a politician will actually put in writing what he or she intends to do if elected While I have nothing against biographies, I prefer the policy oriented texts from those who desire my vote.Thankfully, Ron Paul s books tend to fall into this latter category, and his latest is no exception This book is quite different from his previous works, though In it he writes broadly, outlining his views on a wide variety of topics arranged alphabetically from Abortion to Zionism rather than focusing on a single topic la End the Fed This book will serve well as an introduction to Dr Paul, whose message continues to gain popular support, though it has remained remarkably consistent through over 30 years of public service.Rather than comment on the individual essential issues , I wanted to analyze Paul s political philosophy as a whole,...

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    I certainly agree that every so often, after long periods of apathy, when the people, driven by architects of fear, have plunged into dependency, agitators have their day That which has been ignored and scorned bursts forward with sudden credibility and offers an alternative to the failed ideas that bred and nourished a tyrannical government Though great agitators for liberty in past centuries have struggled to keep the spirit alive, the climate looks quite healthy for significant and fruitful social and political changes to come out of hibernation We all need to become agitators for liberty, else we end up in a permanent state of slavery pg 264 65 This book records Rep Pauls thoughts on 50 issues that affect our freedom A Z from Abortion to Zionism Each subject garners 3 10 pages on average Because there are short answers given within each section theres a listing of additional books that cover the sections in depth If I were to discuss a few chapters that I thought were most important, I d have to say all the ones on government intrusion They can only intrude becau...

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    review Ron Paul continues the noble tradition of founders and thinkers such as Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Burke, James Burnham and Patrick Buchanan in social political conditions of the 21st Century The book is written in lucid, vital and free flowing style without any convoluted jargon The stage is set in contemporary America, and the intended audiences are likely the young indoctrinated subservient Americans, victims of Washington DC This book could be the conservative bible for next two decades to effect political renewal of a tired, beaten and declining America It deals with Paul s unique approach as a practicing Christian, a conservative libertarian and a citizen statesman The amoral and utopian aspects of left libertarianism are absent in this book Indeed the word libertarian has been mentioned only 6 times in the text In comparison, the word moral has been mentioned a good 109 times, and liberty occurs 191 times The book emphasizes the true essence of Christianity and Christ as the prince of peace, not a messenger of aggressive deceitful secular wars The writing is universal in its appeal so that a person from China, India, Africa, Islamic World or Europe will naturally relate to its contents It defines the true meaning of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, the three principles of humanity It is applicable to all human societ...

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    Without a doubt the best political book I ve read in a long time It is difficult to address 50 topics as complex as the ones Dr Paul addresses here in full detail but you definitely get a clear picture of his thought process and stance on the subject matter He covers everything from Abortion to Israel and his message and his theme are consistant throughout We have become a nation no longer focused on Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but a nation focused on winning Democrats vs Republicans, Christians vs Islam, Pro life vs Right to chose Ironically we don t seem to fit into these categories logically The lines are drawn by those who Demagogue the issues Those that make the pro choice argument don t seem to apply the same logic when it comes to other personal choices Those that want religious freedom don t seem want to defend others religions Those that want to save money on welfare don t seem to want to save money military Each side is serving its political machine vs making smart choices that can benefit everyone The message is clear Giving the government too much control creates a market for those that would use that control for their own benefit Wether those people are lobbyist or gullible politicians A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting over whats for dinner Our original constitution was not a promise to deliver us from want It was a blueprint for a Republic to give protection to the small and wea...

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    So far i m about 2 3 thru his book , Dr.Paul has managed to write an entire book, and not say a whole lot He s a pacifist at best, and a tad bit looney at worst He makes outlandish comparisons and doesn t bother to back them up While I agree with his main assertion that our Federal Government has gotten much too big and strayed from its Constitutionally enumerated powers, his views on how best to correct that seem laughable and at times not dealing with the reality we are faced with Being...

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    Let us give up our longing for welfare, our love of war, and our desire to see the government control and shape our fellow citizens Let us understand that it is far better to live in an imperfect world than it is to live in a despotic world ruled by people who lord it over us through force and intimidation We need a new understanding of what it means to be a great nation it should mean, as George Washington said, that our nation is a beacon unto the world, not that we conquer the world militarily, impose our will on everyone, or even remain number one in the GDP rankings Our sense of what it means to be great must defined first by morality So Ron Paul states in the afterword of his most recent book, Liberty Defined 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom All Americans should read this book Paul takes us on an A Z journey of issues that affect the world and in every one he gives his freedom loving perspective You may not agree wi...

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    Dr Paul hits the nail on the head once I love Ron Paul, and I love all that he stands for This is a MUST read before voting in the primaries I can t say enough good things about Ron Paul or this book.

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    I think I might go Libertarian for awhile

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    I once heard Ron Paul say, You can t have liberty in pieces Say what you want about Ron Paul, but he is consistent a rarity among those inside the Capitol Beltway.

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