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Chess Openings the Easy Way (Chess) Free Chess Openings The Easy Way Chess By Nick De Firmian Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Modern Chess Openings, Known As MCO, Is The Best Selling And Most Comprehensive One Volume Reference On Chess Openings Nick De Firmian, The International Grandmaster Who Taught The Supercomputer Deep Blue, Reveals How The Opening Moves Of A Chess Game Set Its Pace And Tone And Can Even Determine Who Wins Or Loses In Chess Openings The Easy Way, A Special Edition Of MCO For Beginning And Intermediate Players, De Firmian Selects The Most Important Chess Openings And The Latest Innovations Of The Game.

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    Great Book A lot easier to read than MCO 14 Highly recomend it to all chess enthusiasts.

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    Shorter version of de Firmian s monumental book.

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