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The Columnist A New Play From The Pulitzer And Tony Award Winning Author Of Proof, Coming To Broadway This AprilIn Midcentury America, Newspaper Columnists Are Kings And Joseph Alsop Wears The Biggest Crown Joe Sits At The Nexus Of Washington Life Beloved, Feared, And Courted In Equal Measure By The Very People Whose Careers And Futures He Determines But As The Sixties Dawn And America Undergoes Dizzying Change, The Intense Political Dramas Joe Has Been Throwing His Weight Around In Supporting The War In Vietnam And Soviet Containment, Criticizing Student Activism Come To Bear A Profound Personal Cost.Based On The Real Life Story Of Joe Alsop, Whose Columns At The Time Of His 1974 Retirement Were Running Three Times A Week In Than Three Hundred Newspapers, David Auburn S The Columnist Is A Deft Blend Of History And Storytelling A Hilarious, Searing Portrait Of The Glorious Rewards And Devastating Losses That Accompany Ego, Ambition, And The Pursuit Of Power, The Columnist Pens A Vital Letter From A Radically Changing Decade To Our Own Turbulent Era.

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    A good play Missed it in NY along with several other plays whose scripts I just ordered, so I can keep up with what I m not seeing Offers the story of the columnist, Joseph Alsop, who not only influenced many thinkers of his generation before and after the Vietnam war but also advised a number of presidents and cabinet members He applauded Kennedy for staring down the Soviets in Cuba he urged the surge to McNamara and Westland in Vietnam but his voice dimmed as the hippie generation A good play Missed it in NY along with several other plays whose scripts I just ordered, so I can keep...

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    The Columnist presents an interesting man, and does not explore him enough.Auburn takes on the life of Joe Alsop, a columnist whose influence in the middle of the last century is hard to comprehend in this modern era of specialized, sliced up bits of media Alsop could actually change policy, and make or destroy careers with his words, and he loved that power He also saw it as a great responsibility.Much of the story revolves around Alsop s very c...

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    The play s greatest strength is it s structure and plotting By pulling out the choicest moments, Auburn creates a sense of the sweep of history even while spinning his characters through it However, the main character remains somewhat of a mystery, even by the end, overshadowed by his...

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    Surely not Auburn at his best, but it s still David Auburn Interesting biographical representation of Joseph Alsop s life and career I learned something, as is usually the case with an Auburn play Enjoyable, funny, saddening, and a good read.

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    I had never heard of Joe or Stewart Alsop before reading this, so the two stars I gave this book can represent each of them Good guys to know, anecdotally A fine piece, but mostly just made me want to re read Farragut North.

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    Totally engaged in this I think it helps that I have a good grasp on history and I know who Joe Alsop is, but it s really well put together Fully fleshed out characters, intense dialogue, and fascinating subject matter make this an all around great read.

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