[EPUB] ✽ The White Hands and Other Weird Tales ❂ Mark Samuels – Jwdfitness.co.uk

[EPUB] ✽ The White Hands and Other Weird Tales  ❂ Mark Samuels – Jwdfitness.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 193 pages
  • The White Hands and Other Weird Tales
  • Mark Samuels
  • English
  • 04 July 2019

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About the Author: Mark Samuels

Mark Samuels is a British writer of weird and fantastic fiction in the tradition of Arthur Machen and H P Lovecraft Born in deepest Clapham, South London, he was first published in 1988, and his short stories often focus on detailing a shadowy world in which his protagonists gradually discover terrifying and rapturous vistas lurking behind modernity His work has been highly praised by the like

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    a collection of short stories by cult favorite Mark Samuels the author writes in the Weird Fiction vein, so there is a wonderfully old fashioned feel to the writing, an emphasis on unknowable and often vaguely cosmic horror, and an admirable preference for subtlety and ambiguity over palpable, visceral horror.I found it to be disappointing competently and efficiently written, but it just didn t resonate with me much still, Samuels clearly has talent he can really set a stage and his imagery is well rendered Mannequins in Aspects of Terror had particularly memorable images an abandoned office building filled with exceedingly creepy tableaux of various doomed, tormented figures was worthy of some good shudders the sheer weirdness on display will stick with me unfortunately the predictable ending left me shrugging.I enjoyed the meta qualities of the first and last stories, how they engaged with both written and filmed horrors, and how the two stories connected but I also found them to be somewhat uninspired the final image in the last story of the collection a celluloid ghost coming to get the protagonist made me snicker.I thought Search for Kruptos a surreal story detailing the search for a unique book had a surprisingly tasteless ending that unnecessarily links everything to the Holocaust again the imagery was superb, all of those wintry vistas and streets full of abandoned books, but the story itself eh and then ugh The Impasse intriguingly juggles both Kafka and ...

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    If you re longing for Ligotti or pining for Poe, you should add Mark Samuels to your list of Most Desirable Authors The works in this volume are dark surrealism at its brooding best These are stories I wish I had written Though one of them is of a mood piece than a story, the remainder have enough plot to interest the most demanding page turner, while the rich prose will please the most discerning reader All of them are thick with atmosphere gray, lonely, and sinister These stories are full of mystic tomes, a la Lovecraft In fact, one story, The Search for Kruptos, partially takes place in a city full of books Sounds enticing to a book lover, no No Oh, please, no, don t go there You may end up asking yourself if you really want to keep reading at all after finishing Kruptos Black as Darkness will have you fidgeting when you next view any number of experimental movies or, indeed, any movie done in monochrome The Impasse is what Kafka would have written on a bad PCP trip Vrolyck is one of the most intriguing of the bunch With it, Samuels might have invented a new sub sub sub genre of pseudo meta fictional quasi autobiographical horrific surreal dark fantasy You ll know what I mean when you read it And you should read it All of it But beware Once you ve read The White Hands and Other Weird Tales, there s no going back From that point on, you ll hesitate whenever you reach out to read a book, p...

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    Another one of these modern weird horror writers apparently very highly regarded so I had been on the look out for some of his work for a while now Then I spotted this Tartarus reprint of his first collection and I jumped at the chance to see what he was like I was not disappointed.I breezed through this collection very quickly, not only because it is quite short, but because it was an absolute pleasure to read This guy really has pinned down the essential essence of the classic weird tale, paying a healthy respect to the classics without seeming pastiche.White visages, as well as featuring in the title story, are also a recurring theme throughout the book The white mannequins in Mannequins in Aspects of Terror , the ghostly white images of the dead in the mirrors in Apartment 205 and the white paint in which the protagonist paints himself to cover up his skin condition in Vrolyk.Also a recurring theme is the self regarding study of the genre itself the weird tale Several of the characters in the stories are writers or artists intent on defining and creating the truly weird and horrific I believe, Muswell once said, that mental isolation is the essence of weird fiction Isolation when confronted with disease, with madness, with horror and with death These are the reverberations of the infinity that torments u...

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    Well after much debate about whether or not I should buy the paperback or really hard to find hardback edition of WHITE HANDS AND OTHER WEIRD TALES WHoWT , I decided to really indulge and buy the limited edition costly hardback version It was worth every penny I had heard many outstanding things about Mark Samuels, and in terms of my weird fiction reading of contemporary authors, Samuels represented one of the few authors I had not yet read but really should have by now Well, I have now finished up this debut collection and feel that these outstanding stories really meet the hype that I have gotten from other weird fiction readers.Not a single clunker in this collection but some that really stand out Since being introduced to the horror fiction of Fritz Leiber via John Pelan s most outstanding collections published through Midnight House, I have really come to appreciate the dread mood building and evocation of horror in the urban setting.In WHoWT, many of the stories did have an urban setting which juxtaposed quite nicely when Samuels would pull the rug out from under the reader, revealing a bizarre...

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    I first encountered this writer in the Vandermeer s anthology _The Weird_.The print copies of _The White Hands and Other Weird Tales_ on sale from are pricey but the ebook price is quite reasonable Later, I found out that one can buy a print version directly from the publisher at a reasonable price too.All these stories move at a brisk pace, are written in one of the _clearest_ prose styles I have ever read, and are influenced by the greats in the field such as Machen, Borges, Ligotti I got a kick out of the story The Grandmaster s Final Game , for I am a chess aficionado In this story, a priest who had left competitive chess, and is grandmaster of the game, has a chess showdown against an evil spirit who was once a chess opponent of the priest Mark Samuels knows chess, for example the chess opening played in this story is one the major openings played today, not some stupid opening move such as h3.Some stories show the influence of Ligotti, for example in Apartment 205 the narrator discovers, and becomes embroiled in, the occult practices of a neighbor In Mannequins in Aspect of T...

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    So, so good and worthy of classic status I had flashbacks to Poe, Ballard and Borges while drifting through these eminently readable dark nightmares Add these to your queue for next year s October or for dipping...

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    A great new classic in the weird tale Well written and filled with terrifying imagery Minus a point since its obvious that Samuels is working through his influences especially Thomas Ligotti, but also Borges,Machen...

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    I first stumbled upon Mark Samuels when I read his story A Gentleman From Mexico in the Book of Cthulhu II I found the story showcased an easy, confident writing style and it really made an imprint on me Afterwards I ordered copies of his two in print collections The White Hands and Other Weird Tales and The Man Who Collected Machen and Other Weird Tales I also recently ordered a copy of Glyphotech, a short collection from PS Publishing that is now out of print.It took me a couple months before I cracked open The White Hands, but it only took me a couple days to zip through it When I started I was wondering if the stories were going to be nearly as good as A Gentleman From Mexico, and as I finished I scolded myself for waiting so long before reading Mark Samuels.The stories within are all exemplars of weird fiction Samuels writes clear and concise, and is not shy about showing his influences I knew going into this one that Lovecraft and Machen were influences on Samuels, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the stories within echoed Thomas Ligotti s bleak, nihilistic ...

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    Thanks to the Kindle app on my phone, I finally managed to read a copy of this book I think I still prefer The Man Who Collected Machen, as the scope of those stories seemed somehow larger, but this was a...

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    This is a fairly short book, coming in at a mere 137 pages But it s also consistently good throughout Coming from Tartarus Press I expected no less.The biggest indicator of a good story collection is my urge to continue on with it, and that was quite strong here All of these stories were fun reads, even that weren t up to the standard of the best A few did disappoint me slightly as being a bit predictable, hence the reason I can t quite give this book a perfect rating.The White Hands This was a re read for me, having originally found this story in the Vandermeer s The Weird anthology I think I enjoyed it even this time, its got a pitch perfect atmosphere and setting A man investigating an obscure horror author becomes mixed up with a man who has written some of her stories for her, from the grave.The Grandmaster s Final Game This story isn t as good as the first one, but it s a decent weird tale A man begs a priest for aid after he is cursed by a chess players spirit.Mannequins in Aspects of Terror This is an excellent story, and it brought Ligotti to mind a couple times It s creepy, with a very unsettling theme overall One of the best in the...

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