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13 Georgia Ghosts and Jeffrey (Jeffrey Books) Jeffrey Is The Mischievous Something That Has Headquarters In The Windham Home In Selma He First Made His Presence Known In October 1966, And Since Then He Has Continued, At Irregular And Infrequent Intervals, To Clump Down The Hall, Slam Doors, Rock In A Chair, Frighten The Family Cat Now Deceased Through No Fault Of Jeffrey , Move Heavy Pieces Of Furniture, Cause Electronic Equipment To Malfunction, And Hide Objects He Frequently Accompanies Mrs Windham On Her Travels, And Tales Of Jeffrey S Antics Are Widely Recounted Nobody Has Ever Been Afraid Of Jeffrey, Mrs Windham Says He Is Very Convenient To Have We Blame Everything That Goes Awry On Him His Only Purpose For Existing If That Word Is Proper Is To Prod Me Into Collecting And Preserving True Ghost Stories From Throughout The South.

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    I could only fully read two of the stories The Ghost Collie at Scataway and The Curse of Barnsley Gardens I guess I liked the idea of the book than the actual book They may have been too historical and not scary enough for my taste I d give them both 2

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    This was the third book I read in this series, and I was a diehard fan from this point on.I am waiting for this book to arrive in the mail, but if I remember correctly it had the strongest, most believable ghost stories of all.My favorite was ...

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    As always a nice entertaining read by Windham This is probably one of my least favorite collections and I think the stories are a little spookier than Mississippi or Alabama stories Always a treat to read one of her books though.

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