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My Best Friend and Other Enemies (My Best Friend, #1) When Jessica S Best Friend Goes Off With New Girl Amelia, Jessica Is Hurt But Determined Not To Take It Lying Down She Has A Plan, And A Secret Weapon Her Felt Tips The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword, After All, And Having A Sense Of Humour Wins Jessica Far Friends Than She Loses A Funny, Wise Story That Will Touch A Nerve With Everyone Who Reads It.

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    REVIEW BY ELLA 8 5My Best Friend and Other Enemies is a quick read only 202 pages but quickly grasped my attention by relating it to the childish behaviour and attitude coming from young girls today My Best Friend and Other Enemies demonstrates the evil schemes and dirty tricks some children can inflict on one another, rather than solving there problems with words they use action, which never ends well.My Best Friend and Other Enemies follows the life of Jessica, Natalie and Amelia, they are all year six student Hellfern Junior School The story is told from Jessica s point of view, which again adds to the suspense of the book Jessica and Amelia were getting along perfectly, until Amelia starts being catty and horrible towards Jessica, which leads to Natalie leaving poor Jessica to fend for herself in this horrific place called primary school After a while the girls join two rival gangs both against one another for the ultimate prize of boys and popularity But will the girls ever make up or will this childish war never be won That s for you to find out.I really enjoyed this story book, even though it was predictable at times it just summed up my life in primary school from the catty arguments over stupid things, just wanting to fit in, and on top of that not being yourself...

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    I love this book it s a very easy read

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    I judged this book by its cover initially and thought Great another insipid girlie book But I was wrong so wrong I loved this book The heroine is feisty but lovely, incredibly funny and genuine and I would love to have her round for tea A tale of friendship and loyalty that made me smile and laugh out loud and an absolutely great book for girls th...

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    This story is about an English girl named Jessica who s best friend, Natalie, becomes friends with the new girl, Amelia, who is very mean to Jessica In addition to dealing with friendship issues, she s also working out how to be a good big sister to her boisterous...

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    I loved this book It was funny but serious at the same time The way the character was written portrayed her feelings really wellI recommend this book for ages 11 and up because when I was in year six I went through similar difficulties

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    This book is one of my favourites because I just love books with drama

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    Ma Meilleure Amie et des autres PunitionsThis book was really interesting because it talks about friendship so it was really cool This book is about a girl that her best friend was going to be in a play that is called The Wizard of OZ and she is going to be one of the leads I think this book talks a lot about friends...

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    Ich bin definitiv schon zu alt f r dieses Buch, aber f r, ich sage mal 10 J hrige finde ich das Buch echt angemessen Das einzige, was mich etwas st rt ist, dass in gef hlt jedem Satz Ich wei , dass ich toll bin, aber wieso merkt das kein anderer Aber sonst war es echt gut.

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    I read this one really quickly, but really enjoyed it Jessica and Natalie have been best friends forever, but when new girl Amelia comes along, Jessica feels pushed out Amelia is pretty, popular, and mean, and Jessica is furious that she s stolen Natalie and is now turning her into a mean girl too But Jessica is a very good cartoonist, with a wicked sense of humour and soon finds new friends.I liked this book a lot I felt the portrayal of pre teen girls was very realistic and honest Natalie and Amelia are mean at times, but they re not cardboard cut out mean girls with no soul Jessica has her flaws I really enjoyed Jessica s character she has a wicked sense of humour and her observations of life at school and at home which include a bonkers little brother and rebellious older sister, her parents endless competition with their posh neighbours, and her mum s decision to put the family on an economy drive are hilarious Plus, there s this line There is actually a practical application for pirate Lego in the real world The same cannot be said of long division For all the humour in this book, there s a serious side too, and Wilkins excellently captures the intensity of pre teen teen female friendships and enemy ships with all the bitchiness an...

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    Eigentlich bin ich ja nicht die Zielgruppe dieses Buches aber es hat mich echt verbl fft Es war ganz anders als erwartet, aber im positiven Sinne Jess ist elf Jahre alt, hat es nicht so mit der Rechtschreibung, aber zeichnet umso lieber, besonders gerne Cartoons Deshalb wird sie vom wildesten M dchen der Schule auch Toons genannt und wird von ihr verschont Jess ist wohl ganz h bsch, aber nicht cool und das juckt sie nicht wirklich, denn sie spielt gerne Schach und hat seit Kleinkindertagen eine beste Freundin Nathalie, mit der sie stets alles zusammen machte, bis pl tzlich die stylische Amelie neu in die Klasse kommt und Nathalie f r sich beansprucht und Jess loswerden will Aus Eifersucht schreckt sie vor nichts zur ck und mobbt Jess auf s belste Aber Jess ist wirklich nett, will Nathalie aber nicht verlieren u erst kreativ setzt sie sich zur Wehr und versucht dabei fair zu bleiben und nicht so fies wie Amelie Aber das Ganze scheint aus dem Ruder zu laufen und sich immer weiter hochzuschaukeln Hat Jess da wirklich eine Chance Jess ist witzig und kreativ Es ist ihr v llig egal, da sie nicht cool ist, sie ist so wie sie ist und ist eigentlich mit sich und der Welt zufrieden Ich finde es total klasse, da Jess sich nicht kleinkriegen l t und das Problem mit eigenen Mitteln ohne Hilfe von Lehrern und Eltern zu l sen Ihr Gedanken und Ideen finde ich unglaublich sympathisch Ebens...

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