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Empire of Crime Sometimes The Best Intentions Can Have The Worst Results In 1908, British Reformers Banned The Export Of Indian Opium To China As A Result, The World Price Of Opium Soared To A New High And A Century Of Lucrative Drug Smuggling Began Criminal Producers In Other Countries Exploited The Prohibition And Gang Wars Broke Out Across South East Asia It Was The Greatest Gift The British Empire Gave To Organised Crime Empire Of Crime Introduces The Reader To A Whole New Collection Of Heroes And Villains, Including Pioneering Narcotics Investigator Russell Pasha, Commandant Of The Cairo Police Force Master Criminal Du Yue Sheng, Drug Lord Of The Shanghai Underworld And Tough North West Frontier Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Roos Keppel, Nemesis Of Afghan Criminal Gangs.Tim Newark Weaves Hidden Reports, Secret Government Files And Personal Letters Together With First Hand Accounts To Tell The Epic Story Of A Global Fight Against Organised Crime.

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    Development and crime are two sides of the same coin On the one hand, as society moves forward, everyone is presented with the numerous opportunities and benefits that international trade and commerce bring about On the other hand, criminals also find new loopholes to perpetrate their illegal activities on a scale never seen before It is a constant and never ending battle between the force of law and order and the evil Yet, the picture has never been strictly black and white.Throughout the history My favorite subject of the British Empire, the battle raged from the jungles of Malaya to the Afghan deserts, all the way to the remote regions of Africa under imperial rule, and on and on There were huge casualties, like in any battle, of ordinary people whose lives were ruined by heroine addiction, human trafficking and all kinds of vice imaginable But often than not, crimes were entangled with the fabric of colonial life and the geo political trends that shaped much of the wo...

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