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Little Women in India In Jane Nardin S Debut Novel, We Have A Lively And Witty Updating And Reimagining Of Alcott S Classic, Interspersing The Standard Victorian Female Preoccupations Of Housekeeping And Husband Hunting With Less Usual Activities Such As Escaping Mutineers And Learning How To Make Charcoal Nardin S Little Women Are Than Alcott S Pilgrims In Progress They Are Recognizably Modern Readers Will Find This An Interesting, Well Paced Novel With Likeable And Energetic Characters.Susan Ang, Author Of The Master Of The Rings Inside The World Of J.R.R Tolkien And The Widening World Of Children S LiteratureNowadays, Abe Lincoln Fights Vampires And Mr Darcy Is The Least Of Elizabeth Bennet S Problems, What With Zombies And All Could Little Women In India Compete With That Absolutely It S Fun, Insightful And Crammed With Illuminating Information These Sisters Live A Frugal Life, With Romance And A Growing Social Consciousness, In Colonial India 19th Century Little Women With 21st Century Values.Dee LaDuke And Mark Alton Brown, Authors, Making Great Television, Based On A Career Of Writing Television Shows, Including Girlfriends And Designing Women.

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    Imagine what the classic book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott would be like, if instead of being set in America, was set in India during Victorian times and British occupation Also what if the sisters ages were switched around a little bit Throw in an uprising of the impoverished people of India, and you have Nardin s novel It was extremely interesting to me to read this, and compare it to the original novel Being British and having grown up in India DID alter the personalities of the once familiar May a.k.a March girls quite a bit Catherine Jo is the oldest, then comes Jane Meg , Elizabeth Amy and Fanny Beth Once I had figured out who was who, I spent the majority of the novel watching them grow and change, into less selfish and socially concious individuals They all began to think of than husband hunting when the rebellion broke out and they were forced to flee to a poverty stricken village to hide from the rebels who were skewering any English, including women and children I went into this book not knowing much about the politics of India in the late 1800s and I was given quite the education, in a very ...

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    From Huffington Post 11 27 2012 The Literary Mash UpBy Jane NardinJane Nardin is the author of Little Women in India 10.99, New Dawn Publishers Originally referring to music, the evocative term mash up describes what happens when two or songs are mixed together in an original and playful way Of course, the mixture can t be random It has to work towards some artistic end.A literary mash up, by extension, is a work that draws on multiple sources of inspiration, creating something new in the process If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the mash up lets an artist flatter several predecessors at once.A couple of years ago, I got tired of writing literary criticism and decided to try my hand at fiction I have always loved novels for older children and young adults, and my tastes are not at all unusual Laura Ingalls Wilder s Little House stories, Maud Hart Lovelace s Betsy books, and Sydney Taylor s All of a Kind Family series are my favorites I like all the usual suspects in the girls growing up genre At the time, I was doing a lot of reading about the great mutiny of 1857, which came quite close to booting the British out of India I wondered if I could write the story of an English family caught up in this violent cataclysm.The first thing I would need, I realized, was a plot Admittedly, I tried to invent one and failed miserably But I thought that I might borrow one It occurred to me that Louisa M...

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    Louisa May Alcott s March family transmorphed to the Mays family living as British during the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857 in India True to the underlying message in the original Little Women this was a very good read.

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    magine being an English girl in India in the middle of the nineteenth century There is rebellion everywhere, and even though you are somewhat sympathetic with the Indians, you are also terrified.This is the scenario of Jane Nardin s version of Little Women Exciting and exotic, this very different version features four girls, who all resemble Alcott s heroines, but they re cleverly re imagined for today s readers They re liberated they hate being called Little Women by their father and they re much less sympathetic with each other, although they all love each other dearly For example, Elizabeth Amy thinks that Fanny Beth is soppy and too good to be true The girls are all likeable and share many of the characteristics of their classic counterparts, but they re also much intrepid Evocative and somewhat political, this novel contrasts the British way of life in India with the treatment of the Indians It is an indictment of the lack of understanding of Indian religion and culture by the British, and it also tells the sad story of a mixed race woman deserted by her husband Th...

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    Though not a very complex novel, I recommend it to all Louisa May Alcott fans and to those who are interested in a quick and easy insight into early feminism, white Indian history, culture and lifestyle You can read on my blog,

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    The book takes Louisa May Alcott s Little Women and places them in India which was an interesting concept My family has close ties to the Indian culture and I enjoyed reading about the history I got a little irritated with their mother and father and thought they didn t resemble the original paren...

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