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Safety Net: Protecting Your Business on the Internet A Hands On Guide For Managers To Keep Their On Line Business Secure Written By A Respected Expert In The Field Of E Commerce, Safety Net Shows Managers, Considering Web Commerce, The Different Types Of Attacks Online Businesses Can Experience And Details Prevention, Detection, And Recovery Countermeasures Kathleen Sindell Provides Managers With Easy To Follow Directions On How To Determine Exactly How Vulnerable Their Current System Is And How To Create An Effective Security Policy That Meets The Unique Requirements Of An Online Business Readers Will Learn How To Set Security Policies For Customers And Internal Users Uncover The Most Common Online Business Vulnerabilities Ensure Their Business From New Types Of Frauds And Cyber Crimes Acquire Defense Tactics For Today And Tomorrow S Virus Outbreaks Use Multitiered Security Approaches For Protecting Distributed Offices And Much.

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    Provides managers with the details about how to securely manager their Web bsed enterprises

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