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Pain Redeemed {when our deepest sorrows meet God} There Are Hundreds Of Ways That Pain Can Rip Through Our Lives How Are We To Face It How Do We Keep From Crumbling Under The Weight The Author Of Pain Redeemed Takes You On A Journey Through Her Own Walk With Infertility And With Honesty And Raw Truthfulness Gives You A Personal Glimpse Into Heart Wrenching Pain And What Happened When It Came Face To Face With A God Who Loves Are You Wondering Where He Is Come Taste The Miracle Of Pain Redeemed.

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    This is so beautiful.What I LovedOkay, first of all, let s cover gush, shall we Isn t that the most gorgeous shade of green When I first saw that cover, I knew I wanted to read this book and not just because it was written by friend and fellow Kindred Grace team member Natasha Metzler But I held back for a bit, because, well, because I knew God would meet me within those pages, and I wasn t sure I wanted to make my way through a book about painI m infinitely glad God brought me to this book when He did, though I was right He met me within those pages She shares poetry, she shares scenes from her life, and she shares kitchen table talks with God That s my favorite kind of non fiction, truly And her style of writing is so, so lovely.Natasha isn t afraid to get real, to be honest, to admit, confess, embrace her longin...

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    Natasha s story is one of infertility Maybe yours is of a broken relationship Or of a sick child I don t know your story, but He does And as Natasha writes In the middle of pain the most healing thing to hear is that God knows Pain Redeemed when our deepest sorrows meet God is the heartbreakingly real story of Natasha s struggle with infertility and depression She shares very honest pages from her journal She s very open about her jealousy, her battles, her anger But all in a way that points straight to the God Who redeems her pain, day by day.I ve never had to face the infertility that Natasha has But Pain Redeemed is about so much than infertility and depression Natasha tells the stories of friends she has journeyed alongside, through other forms of pain and heartache And she shares very personal stories of her relationship with her Redeemer In a way that makes you ache for of Him.Natasha pens powerful parables,...

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    I could be refined or I could grow self consumed and bitter Natasha reveals in her debut e book, A Pain Redeemed She shares how her struggle with infertility kept her from hearing the voice of God in her life Children are good and beautiful gifts, but so often I elevate them over God in my life I long for a baby than I hunger and thirst for Jesus Though she sti...

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    I don t usually read many books nowadays, but this week I ve picked up a good one I keep up with Natasha Metzler at her blog, writing blesses me a lot, so I was thrilled when I discovered that she s just finished an e book, Pain Redeemed I read it all in one sitting, it was just that beautiful Nothing is quite as painful as watching dreams die Pain Redeemed is a grievously beautiful call of hope Natasha Metzler reaches deep into her heart and plucks out her deepest hurts for all to see I believed with all my heart that God, in His love and mercy, had a plan for me But that doesn t mean I didn t long for something different The result is a ravished soul laid bare, and true redemption made known The author s specific battle may be with infertility, but she expresses her heart cry in a way that all of us can identify with There is no strength, no hope in...

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    If you have an ongoing struggle in your life, this book seeks to help you to come to terms with God s plan not only to relieve your pain, but to bring about good for your life Through the author s struggle with infertility, she weaves a transparent story of hope and life, and gives en...

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    Although the book is about infertility the message of how God meets us in our pain is universal No easy answers or cliches here.

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    One of the most beautiful books on pain and heartache and how God uses even our greatest disappointments for something good I cried through it and read it in one sitting.

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    I don t remember how I came across this title it has been sitting on my to read shelf for awhile I eventually took time to purchase and read it and I am glad I did I admire Metzler in that she was gracious to write down her personal experiences and journey of sorrow and share them with the world I am sure her words have helped and inspired numerous people One does not have to had suffered through infertility to appreciate this book I have not experienced that, but I have had other trials and possibly dead dreams that have caused me pain Metzler addresses several of the sinful tendencies people fall into when going through difficult times and she tells us the ways in which we can overcome that sin by putting our lives into God s hands, trusting Him, and knowing that He is good and redeems us with His love At the end of each chapter, there is a personal study guide and the edition I purchased has bonus material of parts of Metzler s journal entries Many of the Scripture verses she included in her book are familiar ones that I turn to during distress and others were ones that will be added to my personal Scripture list I also really liked the Parable of the Silver Locket Even if you decide not to read the book, I encourage you to read the parable that can be found on Natasha s blog I recommend to Christians who are currently going...

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    For those who have struggled with infertility or miscarriage, this book is a healing balm It put to words things so deep down in my soul I didn t even know how to express them I highly recommend this book.

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    Pain redeemed uses the author s own experience in infertility to tell us and show us how God can take anyone s pain and heartache and use it for His glory How He is right there beside us in our sorrows, no matter what those sorrows are It s inspiring and heartwarming, one ...

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