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Tooth and Claw The Werewolf Mythos Has Spanned World Cultures For Hundreds Of Years Recognizedwithin The Transmutational Human Wolf Creature Of European Heritage,the Essence Of This Story Pads Through Time With Different Feet, Differentfaces, And Different Fangs Indeed, If We Include African Werehyenas, Shamanistanimal Totems, Egyptian Theriocephalic Creatures Such As Ra, And The Hybridsfound In Cave Paintings, It Can Be Argued That This Myth Has Been Following Usthroughout Human History.As We Strive Toward The Apex Of Civilization, We Find That It Is Truly Unreachable.Our Existence In Nature Is Irrevocably Defined By Having An Animal Tethered Toour Spirit Such Is The Human Paradox Such Is The Heart And Soul Of Myth.Tooth And Claw A Werewolf Anthology Is A Collection Of Eight Top Quality Werewolf Themed Stories By Published And Emerging Authors, Plus Two Essays, That Explores Into The Legends And Facts Of Werewolves.

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