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Trouble at the Scriptorium Harley, The Jester S Son, Lives In A Castle In Medieval England He Admires The Lady Margaret, With Whom He Was Raised But Now The Difference In Their Birth And Rank Means She Hardly Speaks To Him Until They Find A Common Purpose In Deciphering A Coded Message In An Illustrated Chantbook Then They Find Out The Truth Behind The Appointment Of The Strange New Head Of The Scriptorium.Jewels Have Been Stolen Harley Is Attacked With A Plot That Thickens On Every Page, The Story Takes Us Right Into The Life Of The Castle And The Nearby Monastery It Is A World Of Feasts And Festivals, But Also Of Greed And Misdoings, And The Dangers That Lurk Outside The Castle Walls A Unique Aspect Of This Enthralling Book Is The Thread Of Gregorian Chant That Is At The Heart Of The Secret Message.

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