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Toyo Toyo Learned To Ask Nothing, To Wait And Count The Days But They Passed And Passed And Still The Doorway Remained Empty Of His Deep Voice, Calling Out Her Name Blending The Intimacy Of Memoir With An Artist S Vision, Toyo Is The Story Of A Remarkable Woman, A Vivid Picture Of Japan Before And After War, And An Unpredictable Tale Of Courage And Change In Today S Australia Born Into The Traditional World Of Pre War Osaka, Toyo Must Always Protect The Secret Of Her Parents True Relationship Her Father Lives In China With His Wife Her Unmarried Mother Runs A Caf Toyo And Her Mother Are Beautiful And Polite, Keeping Themselves In Society S Good Graces Then Comes The Rain Of American Bombs Toyo S Life Is Uprooted Again And Again With Each Sharp Change And Painful Loss, She Becomes Herself And Aware Of Where She Has Come From She Finds Family And Belief, But Still Clings To Her Parents Secret In Toyo, Lily Chan Has Pieced Together The Unconventional Shape Of Her Grandmother S Story Vibrant And Ultimately Heart Rending, Toyo Is The Chronicle Of An Extraordinary Life, Infused With A Granddaughter S Love.

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    One day, when I am reborn again, I will be able to see you And I will be so happy, and you will be so happy Toyo is Lily Chan s third person memoir of her grandmother, a recreation of her grandmother s life through stories and experiences shared Like most lives, Toyo s life is ordinary in some respects, extraordinary in others Toyo s mother, Kayoko, was a fisherman s daughter from Japan s Goto islands Kayoko was sent as a maid to the Takahashi family in China When Kayoko became pregnant, Mr Takahashi set her up in an apartment in Osaka Kayoko converted the bottom floor of the apartment into a caf Here, in the pre war period, Toyo had occasional visits from her father and helped her mother in the caf Toyo learned to ask nothing, to wait and count the days But they passed and passed and still the doorway remained empty of his deep voice, calling out her name World War II happens, and Osaka is bombed Toyo, aged 10, returns from the countryside to find the caf has been destroyed Kayoko establishes a successful yakitori business in Himeji which she loses as a consequence of a bad loan she has made to her young lover And then, Kayoko s death leaves Toyo bereft.Toyo marries Chinese Japanese Ryu Zhang, and becomes part of his big family Zhang, then known as Chang and now Chan She loses her Japanese citizenship as a consequence Chinese migrants to Japan are a despised minority To...

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    It must be hard as the author to put together the story of your grandmother This grandmother is one who lived through a hard childhood and motherhood and then widow She was always reflected by those around her But that might be t...

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    Wow Wow wow.

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    Look again at that little old Chinese grandmother walking down the road Thanks, Lily Chan, for unlocking her amazing story.

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    This book offered an interesting insight into wartime Japan and what followed, and particularly touched on Chinese Japanese citizens and how they were seen as such outsiders The memoir was written by Toyo s granddaughter and is a recollection from a woman suffering alzheimers which right at the end of the book other family members mention a few discrepancies with how certain events really unfolded, meaning as with all biographical events must be taken with a grain of salt for the truth behind them Regardless it s a captivating story which paints a very rich history One semi related downsid...

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    Covers the life of the author s mother starting with her mother s birth in a Japanese fishing village Toyo s mother becomes a maid and as part of her job, she has to satisfy her master Toyo is the result She grows up in Osaka and eventually marries a Japanese Chinese merchant The book covers WWII and its aftermath, Toyo s family, their move to Perth, their involvement in an Indian ...

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    A beautifully written story of Lily s grandmother Lily has written this story of a woman who was caught between worlds of war and races in such a beautiful way She swirls around with poetic language and style in a way that we are taken into the dance of Toyo s life There are many unexpected moments throughout W...

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    A delightful insightful playful thoughtful and loving account of lily chans grandmothers life Like so many women of her generation she worked hard and was fiercely protective of her family to the point of selflessness a true unsung hero of her era.

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    This book was an incredible read So powerful and authentic The authors ability to comprehend the perspectives of her family is beyond me I was so impressed by this book, the short chapters that capture moments in time that resonate and shape character An easy 5 5.

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    Lily Chan s account of her grandmother, Toyo s life Fascinating at times such as life in japan during WWII and the treatment of Chinese immingrants in Japan Some of the later parts of the book recounting Toyo s later life were less interesting to me, but overall an easy and interesting read.

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