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スロースターター It S A Story About Two Boys, Kiyo And Ino, Who Go To Different Schools But Take The Same Train Every Morning While Time Passes By They Become Aware Of Each Other But Never Has Had A Conversation, Until One Day When Kiyo Oversleeps In The Train And Gets Woken Up By Ino Since Then They Start Talking To Each Other And Become Good Friends MU

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    This is basically mutual pinning and nothing else and I m here for it.

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    Ah, I am so glad these kinds of stories exist in BL Actually, it s stories like this one that make the early suffering through all the sadistic seme weepy uke stories worth it And for all that I always say that I am not a big fan of high school stories mostly because I can relate to adults than I can to teenagers, but also because reading about teenagers having sex makes me feel creepy sometimes I am fine with high school stories like this one two students who go to separate schools but always take the same train together slowly become friends and then realize they re attracted to each other I really liked the innocence of it the awkwardness in the beginning when you make a friend is similar when you start dating someone, and the lines can be a bit blurry there unless you re not attracted to the sex your prospective friend is, I guess You like the other person and you want to spend time with them but you don t know whether the other person isn t weirded out by you and maybe you re coming on too strong. that kind of feeling is captured perfectly in here, as is both their realization that their feelings go beyond friendship I am a big sucker for st...

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    I actually really liked it The beginning was slow but then it picked up, and what can I say it was a really cute story I ended up wanting Not the best writing tho

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    One of the sweetest yaoi manga I ve read so far This author is amazing I ve only read 2 of her works but both of them were super cute As the title says, it is a slow building of a new relationship between Kiyo and a guy he meets on the train, Ino They only glance at each other at first, then slowly they start to talk and become friends.When Ino overhears a girl saying she will confess to Kiyo, he becomes sad W...

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    I really love this one XDD So sweet and adorable XDDD I love how slowly and innocently everything progressed It gave me butterflies moment, gahhh XDD And I couldn t stop smiling while reading it, from beginning to the end Honestly, I like this one better than Blue Sky Complex.

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    Really cute, for me is a 4.5 stars just bcs i wanted action P pun indended

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    So cute and funny Kiyo just recently moved, so while before he could reach his school just in five minutes, now he must take the long trip by train Since the train s route is stretched up to a small village, there isn t many people board the train But there, in that deserted train, he alwasy meet this same guy but never take the chance to say hi until one day Kiyo missed his stop and the guy wake him up That guy name is Ino, a senior in an all boy school, much like Kiyo himself After the incident, Kiyo and Ino starts to converse and bein...

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    4.5 stars That was insanely good As usual, I m impressed with how vividly realistic everything is I absolutely loved it when things would be seen in the point of view of a certain character and the readers could really witness the internal turmoil happening inside him God, it was so compelling and just felt so goddamn real I love how it was so character driven and this really pulled the readers in and, further, was also largely the reason why Ichikawa s stories are so riveting Everything came so naturally, especially the chemistry between the guys The progress wasn t slow, but just right There s a subtlety to it that s quite rare in most shounen ai and yaoi It s so realistic, like I said, and there are several instances when it was so painful, b...

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    4.5 5 Es la historia m s adorable, dulce y sencilla en los mejores sentidos de cada palabra que he le do en mucho tiempo Y eso que todos los que me conozcan sabr n que yo de rom ntica tengo m s bien poco,...

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