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➸ Whet  Free ➮ Author J.D. Romann – Jwdfitness.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 89 pages
  • Whet
  • J.D. Romann
  • English
  • 23 March 2017

Whet 4 Short, Erotic, Literary M M Stories Of Magic Realism A Dark Angel Practices Erotic Salvation To Resurrect A Famous Singer S Dying Voice A Pair Of Lovers Rescue A Mysterious, Shipwrecked Titan And Risk It All When They Cross The Line Into New Realms Of Eros A Tropical Vampire Leads A Sassy Tour Guide On Unusual Sightseeing Trips, Leading Him Down A Dangerous Path To The Ultimate Satisfaction And Sacrifice The Sea Washes A Stranger With Sealskin Eyes Into The Arms Of A Man With A Dead Soul.

About the Author: J.D. Romann

www.jdromann.com for info She was raised by an English teacher and is a freelance editor whose motto is, Typos are boner killers J.D was a lousy biker so, although she loved shifting with her boot, she quit before she killed herself and now rides on the back of her man s retro cruiser Their 10k mile ride together took them to inspiring places that often crop up in her stories Born and raised in Hawaii, J.D lived for a time in pre Katrina New Orleans, where she was given all the worldly possessions of an obsessed serial killer fan who mysteriously disappeared She still has that creepy suitcase, among other things, in her closet She was once mesmerized by Slash s burning lock of hair at his pre earthquake Fenix Underground concert in Pioneer Square the riveting moment inspired a scene in her GFY novelette, Frigid included in Whet She now lives in the gray and moldy Pacific Northwest, where her imagination continues to provide a match for her reality and she can often be found wearing her red shit kickers.

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    I adore short fiction, and I love stories that step sideways into the paranormal or the speculative, and the four erotic pieces that make up Whet do both with an effortlessness that is the hallmark of good speculative fiction.Previously published in other anthologies, there are four Romann short stories collected together here a singer who has lost his voice a pair of sailors who are lovers who fish a nearly frozen man out of the sea a big Hawaiian hunk who is courted by someone dark and a man whose fame has left him adrift in the sea, only to be washed ashore at the door of another lost soul who might help both of them find their way The erotica content of the stories is presented in a very literary and fantastical style which is not to say the scenes aren t hot They are, but those seeking a earthy or gritty take on the erotic will likely find themselves having to adjust a bit The narratives themselves are very good I liked the characters, ...

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    Interestingwhile the first couple of stories were entertaining they did not grab me like Frigid did It was the last story and the best story If Frigid stood alone I would have given it 4 1 2 stars and 5 stars if...

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    Long lashed Watercolor Quartet Surprisingly lush, pulling sensuality from the moonlit lapping of waves and discarded tropical tailfeathers, Whet exhibits a delightfully unique brand of literary smut that enjoys but does not entirely depend on the simple act of intercourse Hi...

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    Short stories I wasn t very sure of at first, but I do have to mention that I don t have that much of an imagination as these authors do Pretty cool, pretty different.

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