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Man of Honour Eliot Saw His Duty And Married Laura What Else Could A Gentleman Do When They Had Been Snowbound Together At An Inn Unchaperoned The Fact That Laura Was Beautiful, Gentle, And Completely Suitable As A Wife Made His Behaving As A Man Of Honour Very Easy.But Laura Was Not Satisfied With Such A Meager Basis For Marriage And The Once Docile Young Bride Soon Began A Rebellion That Had All The Ton Agog And Her Husband Forgetting About Honour And Listening Instead To His Heart.

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    Levi is on a mission Ever since the untimely death of his beloved sister, he s made a goal to tracking down and exposing the illegal gambling dens and their corrupt masters from causing any innocents from being driven to ruin, as was done to her His base of operations is his loan brokering business, an establishment which alongside his Jewish background don t make him popular in 19th century London But however unsavoury his business may be to some, it one day brings a chance at exposing one such den of iniquity right into his lap with the arrival of Lady Laura Ashton Lady Ashton is in dire straights Her hopes of what looked to be a a wonderful coming out in London for her first season are dashed, as she falls into a serpent s den at the hands of the charming yet sinister Lord Allen and his embittered wife After being coerced by Allen into playing a game of chance during a party at his manor, she finds herself taken advantage of to the sum of 2000 aprox 36,000 today and given a loathsome offer as to how she may work off her debt at his hands.In desperations, she approaches Levi at his shop only to lose her nerve when they come face to face His curiosity is piqued, however, and after s...

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    First of all, despite its fancy cover, this book has been around for quite awhile It was originally published in 1981 I m wondering if the character development that Ashford used was indicative of the decade in which she wrote, or of her personal style.The novel is written in the third person limited viewpoint It s as if we sit on the shoulder of the heroine We know only what she knows and only what she feels Throughout the course of the novel, there are may three complete pages of material from the hero s point of view I m wondering if Ashford meant for the reader to fully identify with Laura by giving us only her point of view I must say, it did not work for me Laura ends up falling in love with her husband, but there isn t really any reason for her to do so Ashford doesn t even spend much time extolling the physical aspects of Eliot that appeal to Laura We see him repeatedly treat Laura as a child and call caring for her a duty While he does occasionally have dinner with Laura and attend a few social events, there seems very little reason for her to fall in love with him.Just as Laura eventually falls in love with Eliot, Eliot eventually falls in love with Laura But again, we have very little reason for that to happen Laura seems to act like the child that Eliot seems to see Laura s physical charms are not enumerated either Laura gets into all sorts of trouble when she acts out S...

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    ok the summary looks great and i was really expecting SOMETHING to happen,like maybe he ignores her and she gets fed up with his attitude and decides to make her self in to the Belle of the Ball but does she NO SHE DOES NOT i m sorry but this was just not what i was wanting to read in the end i think the only reason i was able to actually finish the book was because i was expecting something new to happen.Seriously it begins with the guy saying how he s proud that be got himself a wife and that she s perfect, and so getting frustrated with his attitude towards her, she decides to rebel and i m thinking to myself YEAH she s doing something but in the end she just makes an even bigger mess ARGH and usually i love the siblings that appear in books but my god Clarissa was annoying this girl did not know when to not butt in Seriously i can t say how disappointed i was i really wanted to see the main couple spend than 2 minutes together bec...

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    This book shows its age The trope of the mature hero who marries and tolerates a young, unseasoned woman Not exactly easy to pull off today, where Eliot comes off as a distant control freak and Laura as an insipid milquetoast There s a pair of villains who are unbelievably black, Laura s rambunctious younger sister and the heir to a duke...

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    I should have saved my money This book is full of unlikeable characters and has a ridiculous plot I would have thrown it against the wall, but I read it on my iPad The story started off in a promising fashion when the couple is marooned at an inn during a snowstorm They have to marry to save the woman s reputation.The heroine, Laura, is a colorless, timid idiot who make...

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    A fun romp A bit farcical at the end, but a good read.

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    I enjoyed reading Man of Honour but it could have been better Why oh why do good books fall aparrrrrrrt in the last few chapters Drives me crazy.

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    It s a good thing this was one of Ashford s first if not the first books Eliot is an unemotional hero I rag on possessive alpha asshole characters but I think I might have preferred that to Eliot s casual bullshit Women have no sense of humor Men have no real companionshi...

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    An entertaining read.

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    I m not going to say this was the literal worst, but it was pretty terrible.

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