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101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child Here S A Brief Time Out That EVERYONE In Your Family Will Enjoy Disconnect From The Net, Put Away Your Digital Toys, And Get Ready For Some Good Old Fashioned Fun Even 20 Minutes A Day Can Be Rejuvenating For You And A Great Way To Connect With Your Children In 101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child, You Ll Find Activities That Tap The Most Advanced Microprocessor The One Between Your Ears Best Of All, You Can Do Most Of The Activities With Little Or No Preparation You Ll Find Games And Activities To Do In Your House, When You Re Out And About, Or On The Road That Spark Imagination And Creativity That Test Everyone S Powers Of Observation That Bring Out The Kid In You What Are You Waiting For Unplug Tune In Enjoy

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    Decent collection of non computer, non gadget activities for children which I ironically read on my Kindle While there are a few building and craft activities, the book s emphasis is on word games Most of the activities are too advanced for my three year old, but I will certainly come back ...

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    There are a lot of really fun ideas in this book We have enjoyed on some cold, snowy indoorsy kind of days.

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    First off I know I may have mentioned that my Step Daughter is not feeling too well She has a long term illness and it is running her down really bad Add that into the mix of two very active kiddos and summer vacationwell you see the problem don t you So I thought maybe I could help out with a lil bit of ideas on how to keep the kids entertained while not being to taking on mom Since she does not have internet or a computer for herself or the kids available I knew that 101 Offline Activities You Can Do with Your Child was a perfect start We always did different projects when I was growing up Princess Emma is working on her sock puppets right now But I thought that the Grandbabes could use some direction Some of my favorites were Pin the Food on the Plate using magnets and paper plates Easy Abacus using a shoe box and uncooked noodles Or Two Bit Tiddly Winks that makes me remember playing this game in our hallway when I was growing u...

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    What a great book for fun activities to do with your kids I definitely want my little monkey to know how to be unplugged and have fun doing it This book has several great ideas that are at no cost to you, all you need is your time and some imagination Most of the entries are very unique and creative Others are things activities that I think most kids and adults grew up doing IE Bistro Spy, Gimme Shelter, etc I personally really enjoy books like this because in the moment you ...

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