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    Quase que aprendi mais sobre OS a ler a troca de emails do que nas aulas lol

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    Enjoyable set of essays which informs about the open source movement, its start and the whys of what open source is what it is today.really liked it.

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    Most people outside of the software industry and probably many within it only associate open source software with Linux, its creator Linus Torvalds, and the Linux companies that have had high profile IPO s, namely Red Hat and VA Linux.But open source software has had a rich history before its entrance into the popular vernacular before that, there was Richard Stallman s formation of the Free Software Foundation and its GNU GNU s Not Unix collection of free software that comprises much of the typical Linux distribution, and before that there was the Berkeley variant of Unix, still available now as FreeBSD and NetBSD In fact, open source software used to be called just software the practice of treating software as closed intellectual property and charging for it is an innovation that can be partly credited to Bill Gates.Open Sources Voices from the Revolution elaborates on the past and the varied present of free software by presenting essays from a collection of prominent figures in the open source movement The articles range from historical Eric Raymond s history of hackers, Marshall McKusick s family tree of Berkeley Unix , to technical Linus Torvald s explanation of the technical design advantages of Linux , to philosophical Stallman s motivation behind his free software crusade and the distinction between free beer and free speech to business Michael Tiemann s account of how Cygnus Solutions built a business model on GNU software and Robe...

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    This book is for people who like to go back and revisit the early days of Open Source When this was written, Google didn t even appear, Yahoo was the world s 1 web site, and Netscape was the fresh faced challenger upsetting the established computing order Much of it involves long explanations of things like licenses that are probably well known to people today But it can be interesting to revisit this history, particularly if you were not paying that much attention when it first happened For example, understanding what Cygnus was doing before it got bought by Red Hat can be enlightening, and now that some people want to get away from the GCC it may even be relevant The book is a series of essays written by the participants, and explain arcana such as why we use RFC s and why are they called that, anyway For that reason, I would not call it a boo...

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    Foarte interesanta cartea pentru cei care vor sa afle mai mult despre comunitatea open source inceputuri primii ani Cartea este gratis la adresa iar pentru cei interesati va pot trimite o versiune pentru kindle pe care am generat o pe baza site ului Recomand Appendix A o cearta ca la us...

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    Contains some really interesting essays about open source e.g Larry Walls Diligence, Patience and Humility There s the Linux is obsolete discussion in the appendix too.

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    Classic set of essays from the big guns Sometimes quaint linux v minix flamewar , sometimes remarkably accurate perl scripting power , others wildly flawed ESR and Win 2k scrapping.

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