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The Religions of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia List Of Religions And Spiritual Traditions Wikipedia One Modern Academic Theory Of Religion, Social Constructionism, Says That Religion Is A Modern Concept That Suggests All Spiritual Practice And Worship Follows A Model Similar To The Abrahamic Religions As An Orientation System That Helps To Interpret Reality And Define Human Beings, And Thus Religion, As A Concept, Has Been Applied Inappropriately To Non Western Cultures That Are Not Based Upon Such Systems, Or In List Of Major Religions In The World EnkiVillage Here Is An Overview Of Branches Of Religions In The World As Well As List Of Religions, Including Their Beliefs, To Help You Understand Religion Better Branches Of Religions The Three Basic Categories Of Religion Branch Out From Polytheism Belief That There Are Many Gods , Monotheism Beliefs That There Is Only One God And Atheism Belief That There Is No God A List Of All Religions And Belief Systemsentries Are Listed Here It Is Simply Impossible To List All Varieties Of Religionas We As A Species Have Created An Almost Infinite Variety Of Religious And Transcendental Ideas Largest Religions In The World WorldAtlasReligion Game Of Thrones Wiki FANDOMIndian Religions Religions In India Religions Of India Is A Land Of Diversities This Diversity Is Also Visible In The Spheres Of Religion The Major Religions Of India Are Hinduism Majority Religion , Islam Largest Minority Religion , Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism And The Bah Faith BBC Religion Religions The Religion Founded By Guru Nanak In India In The Th Century CE Spiritualism Spiritualists Believe In Communication With The Spirits Of People Who Have Died Religion In The United States Wikipedia Freedom Of Religion In The United States Is Guaranteed In The First Amendment To The United States Constitution Historically, The United States Has Always Been Marked By Religious Pluralism And Diversity , Beginning With Various Native Beliefs Of The Pre Colonial Time The Religion Of Islam This Website Is For People Of Various Faiths Who Seek To Understand Islam And Muslims It Contains A Lot Of Brief, Yet Informative Articles About Different Aspects Of Islam New Articles Are Added Every Week Also, It Features Live Help Through Chat Islam The Politically Incorrect Truth TheReligionofPeace TROP Is A Non Partisan, Fact Based Site Which Examines The Ideological Threat That Islam Poses To Human Dignity And Freedom

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    This is a very comprehensive book on the religions of Egypt and Babylonia It is based on a series of lectures given by the author The author draws many similarities between different religions including the Hebrews and even the Catholic Church It seems that his conclusions are very well thought out.

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