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The One We Love Suspense, Humor, Romance And Maybe A Killer Or Two Following The Sudden Death Of A Co Worker, Psychotherapist Letty Whittaker Learns She Has Inherited Her Colleague S Case Load As Professional Executor, Letty Assumes Responsibility For Regina S Clients, Including Those From Devlin House, The Local Domestic Abuse Shelter Where Regina Had Worked And Died As Letty Takes Up Her Duties, She Makes Some Disturbing Discoveries A Set Of Files That Regina Had Stolen From The Shelter An AWOL Resident, Missing Since The Morning After Regina S Death An Ethics Complaint Regina Had Made Against An Unnamed Peer Are The Files Or The Abused Women They Represented Connected With Regina S Death Is The Missing Client On The Run From Her Abusive Husband Or Somebody Even Scarier Who Was Regina Reporting To The State Licensing Board, And Why And, Importantly, Just What Kind Of Trouble Has Letty Really Inherited Series Order Book 1 The Enemy We Know Newly Recovering Alcoholic And Psychotherapist Letty Whittaker Thinks The Client Whose Campaign Of Harassment Includes Threatening To Expose Her Deepest Secret Is Her Biggest Problem When The Client And Letty S Own Boyfriend Are Murdered And Dropped At Her Feet Like A Cat S Dead Mole Trophies, She Realizes Bad Can Always Get Worse Book 2 The One We Love After The Mysterious Death Of A Colleague, Psychotherapist Letty Whittaker Inherits Her Friends Clients From The Local Domestic Abuse Shelter, And Makes Some Disturbing Discoveries Stolen Files, An AWOL Resident, And An Unexplained Ethics Complaint Book 3 The Secrets We Keep When Psychotherapist And Recovering Alcoholic Letty Whittaker Responds To A Middle Of The Night Crisis Call, She Knows Helping Trinnie Face Her Demons Won T Be Easy However, Instead Of Finding Her Friend Dead Drunk, Letty Finds Her Just Dead And Paul, Another Close Friend, Is The Primary Suspect Book 4 The Blood We Spill When Her Best Friend Disappears Into The Depths Of A Religious Cult, Letty Whittaker Is Forced To Cut Ties With Her Safe Life And Plunge Into A World Of Fanaticism, Hypocrisy, And Danger The Letty Whittaker 12 Step Mystery Series Edge Of Your Seat Suspense Sprinkled With Laugh Out Loud Moments Fans Of Humorous Mystery Writers Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen, And Harlan Coben Have Fallen In Love With This Wise Cracking Amateur Sleuth Think Love Child Of Stephanie Plum And Alex Delaware After A Wild Night Of Twister And Tequila Shooters Book 1, The Enemy We Know, Is Available Now As A Free Kindle Ebook Don T Miss This Funny Mystery Series The Enemy We Know Is An Intriguing, Funny, And Moving Story Peopled With Characters You Will Remember Long After The Last Page If Letty Lived In My Neighborhood I D Buy Her A Virgin Margarita And Talk About All The People We Know Who Are Just As Odd As We Are Lois Greiman, Award Winning Author Of Unzipped

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    Free 10 30 15 murder mystery

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    Letty Whittaker, a psychotherapist who s found a home in AA, inherits the caseload of a co worker who got violently dead, including clients at a local domestic violence shelter In closing out the co worker s work estate, she finds confidential client files in a place they shouldn t be, an AWOL shelter resident who disappeared shortly after the co worker s death, and an ethics complaint by the co worker.Letty must deal with professional jealousy, people with secrets, angry husbands, and scary truths while she tries to honor her co worker s final wishes I like that Letty is flawed, but realizes it and keeps trying to improve I learned things I didn t know from this book, like that therapists have professional wills, and how a domestic violence shelter operates.This is a well written series with complex, multi dimensional characters even the supporting ones , and complicated but riveting plots The AA stuff is, a...

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    Former colleague Regina wishes Letty to take over her cases As Letty tries to search through the patient files of her former colleague, the story gets even intriguing As Letty tries to get information at the Devlin House on these clients, she is roadblocked, but why ...

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    Letty Whittaker, who is working to become an ex alcoholic, is attending Rebecca s funeral and feeling guilty Letty feels guilty a lot and her conscience drives her remorselessly into trouble This time it s about Rebecca Letty feels she should have liked her she saved her life Told that Rebecca has appointed her, a mere two weeks before, as executer of her will, leaving her responsible for cases at the psychotherapy clinic where they worked together and those at a refuge for battered women, guilt refuses to allow Letty to opt out Hampered by lack of access to files, suspect files, and refusals to answer her questions by the refuge boss and her staff, Letty becomes convinced that Rebecca s accidental death was no accident, but why, and who murdered a woman whose mission in life was to help others Humour, in the hunt for a killer Yes Writing that is never clich d consider this She came in like Wisconsin...

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    A mystery with a touch of humorThe book begins at the funeral of Regina Fleisher Regina, a social worker, was found dead at the bottom of narrow, steep stairs in the women s shelter where she volunteered She had a knitting needle stuck in her throat The death was ruled accidental.Letty Whittaker, a colleague of Regina s, is the narrator of this humorous mystery Designated professional executor in Regina s will, Letty is now responsible for Regina s caseload, both at the clinic where they both worked, and at the women s shelter where Regina volunteered She s not pleased, but very soon she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery.I inadvertently started reading this book before realizing it was Book 2 of a five book series subtitled Suspense with a Dash of Humor Unfortunately, I hadn t read Book 1, so was in the dark every time something was mentioned that happ...

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    The One We Love is a good mix of mystery and humor The characters are flawed, which makes them seem real Letty s struggles with AA and keeping between the lines provide much of the humor in the serious situations she encounters murder, abuse I very much enjoyed Letty as a narrator The secondary characters also grew on me, and I d like to know about them I have not read the first book in the ...

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    This was an enjoyable mystery with a dash of humor set in The pacing is good, and the plot is very intriguing Letty is a likable character, and easy to relate to, which really draws readers in I really liked th...

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    another fast paced, well thought out mystery from Donna White Glaser my only complaint is that I read it too quickly and have to wait for the next one

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    Another winnerRealistic characters in insane situations, with plot twists I couldn t predict The story absolutely races along I did have some questions, like isn t Letty going to have problems missing so many days of work And the si...

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    I liked the story line and characters in the book Letty finds herself with the added cases of her coworker Regina s cases from a women s shelter when she is found dead She is still dealing with the after effects of her stalker terror she went through Would recommend this book to mystery lovers.

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