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Beneath a Dakota Cross (Fortunes of the Black Hills/Stephen Bly, Bk 1) IN SEARCH OF A NEW LIFE OUT WEST, BRAZOS FORTUNE FINDS HIS FAMILY ENDANGERED BY THE VERY QUEST HE HOPED WOULD SAVE THEM With These Simple Words, Brazos Fortune Sets Out On His Journey In The First Of Stephen Blys New Fortunes Of The Black Hills Series When Locals Threaten The Lives And Property Of His Family Brazos Abandons His Texas Homestead For A New Ranch In The West He Has Seen In A Dream Its A War Against Corrupt Lawmen, Wild Outlaws, And Bitter Winter Weather As Brazos Wrestles With His Newfound Hunger For Gold And The Burning Desire To Be Reunited With His Family He Must Test Himself Against The Untamed Frontier, Confront The Greedy Miners Who Try His Christian Convictions, And Find The New Home God Showed Him Beneath A Dakota Cross.

  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • Beneath a Dakota Cross (Fortunes of the Black Hills/Stephen Bly, Bk 1)
  • Stephen Bly
  • English
  • 23 July 2019
  • 9780805416596

About the Author: Stephen Bly

Stephen Bly August 17, 1944 June 9, 2011 authored 100 books and hundreds of articles His book, THE LONG TRAIL HOME, Broadman Holman , won the prestigious 2002 CHRISTY AWARD for excellence in Christian fiction in the category western novel Three other books, PICTURE ROCK Crossway Books , THE OUTLAW S TWIN SISTER Crossway Books , and LAST OF THE TEXAS CAMP Broadman Holman , wer

10 thoughts on “Beneath a Dakota Cross (Fortunes of the Black Hills/Stephen Bly, Bk 1)

  1. says:

    I had never heard of Stephen Bly but I am REALLY glad I finally found him I love westerns, especially one s that have Christian values, lots of adventure, humor and since of place and time Jerry Sciarrio s narration was superb, his ...

  2. says:

    I never really mind romance in historic fiction It certainly has its place But I am always refreshed by Stephen Bly s ability to write a novel that is about 95% devoid of romance This 1st book in the Fortunes of the Black Hills saga is a masterful journey of Brazos Fortune, patriarch to the Fortune clan He sets out from Texas with one goal in mind, to find that ranch under a cross that he s dreamed about, dreams he believe are given him from the Lord Adventures and tragedies assault him along the way, but Brazos has his closest friends, Yapper Jim, Quiet Jim, Big Frank, and all the rest to keep him company on his journey, not to mention the tenacious Dacey June Fortune who follows him out to Dakota territory even though she s only twelve years old.The story is delightful, the characters are delightful, and for the first time ever I actually listened to it on audio book and loved every moment of it Stephen Bly wrote the words for these characters, but Jerry Sciarrio brings ...

  3. says:

    Slow start, but ended in typical Bly fashion Good read

  4. says:

    Actual 3.5 starsrather flat Happy to be moving onto book 2

  5. says:

    A great read, seems like I know this family.

  6. says:

    I really liked this book Western, warm, adventure, fun yet scary are all words I d use for this book.Brazos is a very nice man who ended up with having everything he owned being taken from him by correct law officials and locals He doesn t try to get ev...

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    Like a television series premiere, Beneath a Dakota Cross leaves a lot of loose ends unresolved That s not a bad thing, though it s the first book in a hexalogy, and it was entertaining nonetheless Those who enjoy old school Westerns such as Gunsmoke or...

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    For a great combination of action packed western and inspirational fiction, you may want to give Stephen Bly a chance He s written dozens of books, but you might want to start with the Fortunes of the Black Hills series This is the first book in the series.

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    My first foray into westerns It intrigued me because the series eventually has a prodigal son story, so I started at the beginning Classic old west shootouts, prospecting and good old fashioned manlyvalues like integrity, resilience, hard work, and self discipline.

  10. says:

    A good western novelThe story keeps your interest and the characters are believable The editing is well done It is one of the few western that give an authentic feeling of that time in history.

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