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Spooky South: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore (Spooky) Here We Have A Collection Of Unnerving Tales Of Events That Happened And Still Do Happen In The Collective Back Yard Of The Deep South States Accompanied By Evocative Illustrations, These Compelling Retellings Of 40 Popular Folktales Feature Supernatural Occurrences And Ghosts Of All Sorts, From Fiddling Ghosts To The Story Of The Jack O Lantern Whether Read Around The Fire On A Dark And Stormy Night Or In The Backseat Of The Family Van On The Way To Grandma S, Each Expertly Told Tale Is Guaranteed To Make Readers Look At The South And Over Their Shoulders Again And Again.

10 thoughts on “Spooky South: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore (Spooky)

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    its fun to listen to ghost stories or to watch ghost story shows, but its very hard to get that creepy feeling from reading ghost stories and i cant figure out why to this day, i have never found a book of true ghost stories that creeped me out when i read it im starting to think that its impossible to get that scary feeling from reading true ghost stories i hope im wrong but this...

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    Most of the stories were just meh in my opinion, but there were also some I really enjoyed like The Fiddler s Dram was a good one.

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    Several good stories, several boring stories Like most anthologies But the good ones outnumber the bad ones, so definitely worth the read Especially Wiley and the Hairy Man.

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    it was kind of neat reading about old haunts stuff I really hope to find books like this down at my library

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    This is exactly what I look for when I look for a book of ghostly tales There were some classics and some new ones, and all were told as if they re the absolute truth from the mouth of a bonafide country storyteller Wait Til Emmett Comes has always been one of my favorites stories, and it s retold very well here I also really enjoyed some of the stories about the devil himself that come from down south, because we don t have many stories like that here For example, I love how the story Christmas Gift starts Now the devil, he was just plumb bored one day, back when the world was a bit younger than it is today He d started a war, corrupted a politician, a...

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    This book was a nonfiction I hope The purpose was to entertain the reader and perhaps to inform the reader about different cultures in the south The author achieved this well because I laughed a lot through the book and I learned about different cultures The books weakness was that there were some parts where I scratched my head because I was confused on some st...

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    The stories were really fun and succeeded in having a very southern atmosphere I liked some of the geographic elements in the stories living on the Mississippi River hey, spelled it right on the first try ex...

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    A great sampling of the longtime folk tales that have been told from the time the South was settled And told in great story telling style as well Take a step back in time to the tales told around the fireplace on Halloween.

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    This novel is amazing Every story is beautifully written with lots of detail, vivid descriptions, and wonderful suspense however, the author does this without making the stories too long or dragging them on If you like ghost stories than this is a must read for you

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    2.5 3 stars

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