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Outrun Your Ghosts Sterek FanficWhen Derek Hale Arrives At The Beacon Hills Young Adult Rehabilitation Center, He Plans On Keeping His Head Down And Serving The Rest Of His Time In Minimum Security Peace Stiles Stilinski Changes All Of That.19,148 Words, CompleteCover Art From Here

10 thoughts on “Outrun Your Ghosts

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    Nicely done Sterek with some ghostly presences.

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    Bizarrely good I like this author s style Everything I ve read by them so far, I ve liked All of the subject matter has been strange in this unique way that really worked At any rate, this is Derek POV, Human AU, Juvi...

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    Comments from 2012 Found through this graphics post I ve always found rehab fics interesting, as long as they re not too dark for me There are dark elements in this fic, but thankfully things don t go too far I like how the author weaved canon into this AU And the paranormal elements I also liked how all the characters were worked into it and the plot, it worked nicely I was definitely left with warm and fuzz...

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    I really liked this Though I wish

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    Had a hard time deciding if this story is 3 or 4 stars I really enjoyed Stiles and Derek getting to know each other, Stiles sixth sense type thing and Derek s initial resistance I liked the bad guy and the f...

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