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The Outcast Spirit: And Other Stories There Is Nothing Else Quite Like The Short Stories Published In 1886 1891 Of Lady Dilke In The Annals Of English Literature, And Even Readers Who Have Little Sympathy With Their Stylistic Affectations, Allegorical Pretensions And Harrowing Conclusions Are Likely To Admit That They Have A Peculiar Fascination Those Who Find Some Resonance In Their Psychological Ambience Might Easily Think Them Touched With Genius The Simple Fact That They Are So Unusual Is A Great Asset In Itself, From The Viewpoint Of Lovers Of Exotica, But They Are Not Peculiar Merely For The Sake Of Cultivating Unconventionality Seen As An Assembly, In Fact, Their Visionary Element Acquires An Extra Dimension Of Coherency, And Also Manifests A Marked Evolution, From The Slightly Tentative Experimental Ventures Of The Stories In The Shrine Of Death To The Triptych Of Masterpieces Constituted By The Hangman S Daughter, The Triumph Of The Cross And The Mirror Of The Soul, Which Are Truly Remarkable Works Considered Individually, But Gain Even From Being Placed In The Broad Frame Provided By This, The First Comprehensive Collection Of The Author S Fiction.

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    A million thanks yet again, Anna The plain and simple fact is that I just loved this book then again, I m strangely attracted to unique and previously unknown to me, anyway tales written by Victorian women writers The back cover blurb of this book says that there is nothing quite like the short stories of Lady Dilke in the annals of English literature, and although I can t rightly say that I m familiar with the entire annals of English literature, I can say that the stories inside this short book are delightfully different from anything I ve ever read This is one of the most strange and very best story collections I ve ever experienced, heightened by the sort of dreamlike quality hovering around each and every tale Don t let the fact that it s only a short 150 pages fool you this book is filled with some of the most complex tales I ve ever encountered.These stories in this book are highly allegorical, and most are downright disturbing when you stop to consider what you ve just read Some you d swear were written during medieval times, and most all of them are filled with some sort of supernatural elements at play which differ from st...

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    This hardcover book is one of 60 copies printed and is not signed or numbered.

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    A strange masterpiece of dark fiction.

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    Originally published at Risingshadow.Lady Dilke s The Outcast Spirit and Other Stories is one of the most significant and most interesting short story collections of the recent years It s an especially intriguing collection to readers who love literary stories and beautifully written stories with supernatural elements.It s great that Snuggly Books has published The Outcast Spirit and Other Stories, because it s the first comprehensive collection of the author s short stories It contains all the stories from The Shrine of Death and Other Stories 1886 and The Shrine of Love and Other Stories 1891 save two stories, and two additional stories which were published by Lord Dilke after her wife s death.As Brian Stableford mentions in his introduction, there s nothing else quite like these stories in the annals of English literature Although I m not an expert on the whole of English literature, I fully agree with this statement, because the author s stories are clearly different from other stories They re fascinatingly dark, morbid and otherworldly stories when compared to other Victorian Era stories.I have to mention that Lady Dilke was an almost totally unknown author to me prior to reading this collection I had heard of her and knew that she had written stories, but I hadn t had an opportunity to...

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    These stories are quite something Dark fables written in a prose that reads like a modern spelling of some Old English prose romance, rich in symbolism and filled with beautiful, haunting imagery They are akin to eerie dreams translated into prose, ones that sometimes steer into pure nightmare territory Very first story already serves as excellent example of this, as it is eerie and dreamlike from the very begging, and gradually transforms into truly chilling nightmare Quite a few of these stories achieve that, this gradually growing feeling of dread and of inevitable tragedy, and they achieve it such a manner that their peak points are all the potent for it Not all of Lady Dilke s fictions are like that, not always will things end on this dark and tragic note for the men and women that haunt them, but they are always permeated by ethereal eeriness Darker ones are dark indeed though, the relentless bleak tragedy of The Serpent s Head or The Outc...

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