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The Mystery of the Golden Pocket Watch Sept 2018 All New Revisions To Reflect The Changes Made In Island Unknown It S Been Four Years Since Peter Stewart S Adventure To Island Unknown Peter, Along With His Cousin Andrew, Are Some Of The Top Fishermen In The Area Peter And Andrew Befriend An English Gentleman Who Just Opened A Store For A Company In England One Day, Peter Is Sent An Anonymous Package From England Through The Company S Supply In The Package Is The Gold Pocket Watch His Father Had When He Was Lost At Sea Trying To Find Island Unknown Sixteen Years Earlier Peter Sets Out On An Adventure That Takes Him To The Azore Islands And Liverpool England To Try And Find Out The Identity Of Who Sent Him His Father S Watch Will Peter S Adventure End In Tragedy, Or Will He Find A Greater Treasure Than Any Pirate S Gold The Mystery Of The Golden Pocket Watch Is A Classic Story For All Ages 9 And Up.

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    I really loved reading this book I only wish had read the first book Im looking forward to finding a copy of The Island Unknown my kids will absolutly love them as well Im sure I sure hope there will be a third book, to finish up the story Thank you s...

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    I love how this author writes shorter books, they are a nice change from the thick classics that I have been reading recently This is the sequel to Island Unknown, and this book I about Peter four years after the first story In this book, Peter receives a package containing a watch that had belonged to his father, who had disappeared while on a search for Island Unknown Peter s father had never been heard from after he started on his voyage Peter goes on a quest to England to locate the sender of the watch After he locates the man, he decides to discover if the man s claims about Peter s father s fate were true I only have two negative things to say about this book The first one is the lack of detail There were a few parts of the book where I would have liked detail or description The details were not necessary to the plot of this story, but would have helped me visualize the scenes and what the characters were doing My other point is sentence structure I am extremely sensitive to sentence variation Most of the sentences either started with an ly ...

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