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Orbits When Ruby Moves To Raft, The First Orbital Colony, To Complete Long Term Research Work, She Isn T Expecting To Run Into The Brilliant And Unavoidable Veterinarian Jen The Two Have A History, But When They Both Decide To Settle Down For Good, Is It Possible They Have A Future Too

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    This is a cute little futuristic story about Ruby, a linguist, and Jen, a vet, who have a history together Like two planets orbiting around the sun, they have encountered each other again and again over the years of their acquaintance and the occasional hookup, but they have never been able to stay in the same place for very long Their careers were always important.Establishing the first orbital colony is quite an achievement, and many changes will need to be monitored and dealt with As a separate and somewhat isolated group of humans, there will be linguistic and behavioral changes, and it will be Ruby s job to help catalog them Pets and farm animals alike will also need to adapt, hence Jen has a position for at least a few years When both of them realize they might be in the same place for quite some time, a relationship suddenly becomes possible Considering the passion they still share and the very real feelings...

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    The highlight of this one for me was when they were interrupted in the vet practice I was actually laughing along with them But, that, and the fact that Ruby was older, which you never see, were the only thin...

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