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A Change is Gonna Come Max Needs A Change A Change Of Scenery, A Change Of Pace, A Change Of Men And So He Packs His Belongings And Heads Out In His Car, Moving From Los Angeles To San Francisco Stopping At A Rest Stop Along The Way, He Encounters A Trucker Named Fred In The Men S Bathroom.When Max S Car Breaks Down, It S Fred Who Comes To The Rescue With The Car Now In The Back Of The Semi, The Two Finish Their Journey Together, But Not Before They Finish Each Other Off First A Surprise And Romantic Ending Awaits Them As The Truck At Last Pulls Up To A Scenic Overlook In The Heart Of The City By The Bay.

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    Change can be a good thing, and in Max s case in this story, it s the one thing he is looking for when he decides to move from LA to San Francisco And what he gets is change in spades of the best kind His erotic adventure made me grin, and the ending is as unexpected as it is perfect I don t know much about Max other than the fact that he wants a different life, and that is actually all I need to know This is a delightfully short little erotic story and not a character study, so Max is just fine the way he gets introduced His reactions in the men s bathroom at the truck stop, and when Fred explains his rules are wonderful.Fred is a trucker with some fun ideas of what can happen while driving I am not too sure any of what is described is safe in fact, I am pretty sure it is not safe in the least but this is a fantasy, after all, and what the ...

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