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Fresh Fear FRESH FEAR An Anthology Of Macabre Horror Is A Collection Of Horror From Some Of The Genre S Best Writers Of Dark Fiction In The Introduction, A Selection From W.J Renehan S The Art Of Darkness Meditations On The Effect Of Horror Fiction, We Are Reminded That, Horror Serves To Reconnect Us With Our Primal Selves, Provides Temporary Respite From The Droning Conditions Of Modern Life With Over 450 Pages, Fresh Fear Is Packed With Stories Written By Both Masters And Up And Coming Maestros Of The Horror Genre Tales Steeped In Psychological Horror Sit Alongside Visions Of Strange Worlds And Fantastical Landscapes Drenched In Blood Quiet Horror Sits Comfortably Next To Visceral Portrayals Of The Monsters That Lurk Deep Within The Human Heart Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Famously Once Said, Where There Is No Imagination There Is No Horror The Horror Expressed By The Authors In Fresh Fear Show That Imagination Is Indeed Tantamount To Excellent Story Telling Prepare Yourself For 28 Tales Of Fear Inducing Horror From Some Of Today S Best Authors Of Dark Fiction Authors Stories Scathe Meic Beorh God Of The Wind Robert Dunbar High Rise Ramsey Campbell Welcomeland Lily Childs Strange Tastes Lincoln Crisler Nouri And The Beetles Jack Dann Camps Thomas Erb Spencer Weaver Gets Rebooted Brandon Ford Scare Me Carole Gill Raised Lindsey Beth Goddard The Tooth Collector JF Gonzalez Love Hurts Dane Hatchell Takers Charlee Jacob Inside The Buzzword Box K Trap Jones Demon Eyed Blind Tim Jones Protein James Ward Kirk Block Roy C Booth Axel Kohagen Just Another Ex Shane McKenzie So Much Death Shaun Meeks Perfection Through Silence Adam Millard The Incongruous Mr Marwick Christine Morgan Nails Of The Dead Billie Sue Mosiman Verboten Chantal Noordeloos The Door Don Noble Psych WH Pugmire Darkness Dancing In Your Eyes William Todd Rose The Grave Dancer EA Irwin Justice Through Twelve Step Anna Taborska Out Of The Light WARNING R 18 Contains Graphic Scenes Of Violence And Psychological Horror Not Suitable For Younger Readers Keywords Horror Psychological Horror Fantasy Horror Dark Fiction Literary Horror Genre Fiction Horror Anthology Modern Gothic Horror Contemporary Horror Adult Horror Fiction

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    First off please heed the warning If you are easily offended this book is not for you If you are a horror lover than prepare to be delighted and disturbed by 28 horror tales that are indeed horrifying This is a large volume at over 400 pages of gruesome acts and evil doers There are stories of cannibalism, serial killers, madness, abuse and There is the sarcastic wit found in Scare Me Love Hurts is a twisted tale of love and sex, and fulfilling a lovers deepest darkest wish Brothers fall prey to a sex crazed ghost in their new apartment in High Rise In Nouri and The Beetles 2 jealous girls conspire against the village s most beautiful young woman A hospitalized man has vivid dreams of Nazi prison camps Kidnapped children are found alive and a happy reunion takes place in So Much Pain So much Death There is a tooth fairy the likes of which you never imagine...

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    I normally tear through these anthologies, but this one requires a little time due to how amazing each and every story is Not only is it full of some of my favorite writers ie Ramsey Campbell, Shane McKenzie, Shaun Meeks, JF Gonzalez and Adam Millard , but it has introduced me to some all new favorites ie Scathe meic Beorh, K Trap Jones, Christine Morgan, Chantal Noordeloos and Anna Taborska William Cook has put together an amazing collection of some of the best writers who have obviously brought some of their best tales to the table Trying to pick favorites in this amazing line up was like taking two cans of Pepsi and asking which one do you like But I did it anyway, although I am sure I will read each of these stories again, and again.My top picks would have to be Shane McKenzie s So Much Pain, So Much Death Sh...

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    I love horror anthologies, and I can honestly say I have never read one where I enjoyed every single story There always tends to be one or two duds, right With Fresh Fear , this just wasn t the case It s chock full of everything readers of the macabre want revenge, cannibalism, haunting dreams, demons, deadly bargains, necrophilia, graveyards, naughty doctor...

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    Fear comes in many forms and speaks with countless voices This is a collection of stories from authors living in diverse places It is a tapestry woven from these disparate elements and presented all for the love of horror.The introduction is a selection from W.J Renehan s The Art of Darkness Meditations on the Effect of Horror Fiction Entitled Why We Turn to Horror, it is an illuminating piece on the very attraction of horror in all its many forms.Launching into the book, we find Scathe meic Beorh s God of the Winds It is a vision of human depravity with a taste of ancient terrors Ramsey Campbell s Welcomeland takes you on a journey into an amusement park, forgotten by time but not by the memories which lurk within its depths Lily Childs brings us Strange Tastes, a tale of secret hungers revealed.In Nouri and the Beetles, Lincoln Crisler tells of primal desires and awful betrayal Jack Dann s Camps takes us into the mind of a dying man with nightmares of a haunted past In High Rise, Robert Dunbar reveals a deadly seduction while Thomas A Erb s Spencer Weaver Gets Rebooted is a shocking tale of vengeance.Brandon Ford s Scare Me tells of a woman forced to drive to an inevitable fate In Raised, Carole Gill tells of ancient magic and an obsession with death Lindsey Beth Goddard weaves a tale of unspeakable tragedy and the price to change one s fate in The Tooth Collector In Love Hurts, J.F Gonzalez speaks of a lo...

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    Abandoned Only made it through three stories Possibly probably it got better The writing was pissing me off, then story three was

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    In Fresh Fear you will come across monsters in all forms, from ghosts and demons to monsters who are all to humanA great anthology put together by William Cook Has stories from some writers I was familiar with as well as some I ll be looking for in the future A few of these stories...

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    Great assemblage of extreme horror tales Unique voices from around the world with one thing in common The drive to terrify you Not for the faint of heart

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    Loved it I am a horror story fanatic Loved this one One of my favorites was Scare Me Can t wait for

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    There is no set theme for this anthology, but each story touches on the fears of the modern world In the introduction, a selection from W.J Renham s The Art of Darkness Meditations on the Effect of Horror Fiction, we are reminded that, Horror serves to reconnect us with our primal selves, provides temporary respite from the droning conditions of modern life Some stories examine the experience of being bullied, losing a child, and the terror of becoming a drooling husk devoid of emotion Primal fears of ghosts, demons and ancient evil unleashed upon humanity are also found here Some of these tales are a closer look at the horrors we view on the 24 hour news feeds where serial killers, rapes and murders keep us both frightened and entertained Some authors examine the quiet horrors of isolation, insanity, and the the complacency of those who look at evil but do nothing to stop it.Be warned none of the authors shy away from vivid imagery, gore, violence or misogyny The one story that haunts me the most, Camps by Jack Dann, was a glimpse into the history of World War II The images conjured in his words are as haunting as the photographs that survive ...

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    This collection has a powerful kick of horror Many well know names come together with Fresh new stories and gives the reader a fear of what may be around the next corner.God of the Winds by Scathe meic Beorh I m in need of by this author He has a great ability of storytelling Very poetic and visualizing This story is a powerful Indian mythology twist a must read. Enter The Flesh House Strange Taste by Lily Childs What are you eating tomorrow night or tonight for a midnight snack Let this author but a taste in your mouth A cannibalism twist that will have you drooling for of its find writing taste.Nouri and The Beetles by Lincoln Crisler This is the second story I have came across by this man I m not sure which one I liked the best.I also have his novel Skin Jumper to dive into as well As for this piece AMAZING Eat the heart and gain the strength, in this case its fight for beauty Digging skin deep should be enough High Rise by Robert Dunbar A sexual ghost story and a brother determination to make ...

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