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Queering Contemporary Gothic Narrative 1970-2012 The Book Explores The Development Of Queer Gothic Fiction, Contextualizing It With Reference To Representations Of Queer Sexuality And Genders In Eighteenth And Nineteenth Century Gothic, As Well As The Sexual Political Perspectives Generated By The 1970s Lesbian And Gay Liberation Movements And The Development Of Queer Theory In The 1990s The Book Examines The Roles That Gothic Motifs And Narrative Strategies Play In Depicting Aspects Of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual And Intersex Experience In Contemporary Gothic Fiction Page 4 Of Cover.

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    The literature review is thorough, and very useful to those less familiar with the territory to be covered in later chapters However, the author blatantly misgenders and deadnames transgender authors, which is than unfortunate in what should be, and wants to be, and inclusive analysis There is also some clumsy copy editing in the opening pages that is an unwelcome distraction, and the author seems tentative and unsure some times in their deployment of the terms transgender and intersex, leading to awkward phrasings This detracts a little from the enjoyment of the opening of a book I had been excited to read.However, the analytic content of the books is sound Each chapter addresses a particular theme within queer gothic fiction, from haunting to vampirism, and this structure works well to link essays that can stand alone into a cohesive whole The references and critical readings are interesting, if not excitingly innovative in this fie...

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