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The Silver Nightingale SARAH WAS THE QUIET ONEWhen Lord Chayle Proposed Marriage To Sarah Lorymer, No One Was Surprised Than Sarah Herself It Was A Brilliant Match None Of Her Family Had Ever Expected Her To Achieve Than A Respectable Marriage, If That Why Had Justin Chayle Proposed Was It, As Sarah S Mother Suggested, Because He Wanted A Grateful, Submissive Wife Who Would Make No Demand Upon Him Or Was It Some Secret Known Only To Justin As For Sarah, She Had Already Fallen Completely And Hopelessly In Love With Him But She Knew Better Than To Let Him Suspect It She Was Prepared To Play Her Role Until Justin Made Her So Angry She Lost Her Temper And Plunged Them Both Into A Strange Adventure Among Even Stranger Companions.

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    Nice traditional regency romance titled Lord proposes to a gently bred young lady who accepts to help her family She harbors a love for said Lord but hides it,has a quick temper ,loses it with finance runs to grandmothers Storm strands her at an inn, he shows up and the story takes off, charming.

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    Engaging regency romance that had a surprising murder mystery sub plot Not Thorpe s best a little uneven in places, but overall ok.

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    This was one of Sylvia Thorpe slight hearted stories almost silly A good, fun read, though There were no supernatural elements in it, and it seems appropriate even for pretty young readers.

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