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Unholy Trinity Singapore S Most Bizarre Murder Case Drew To A Close On 25 November 1988 When Adrian Lim, His Wife Tan Mui Choo And Mistress Hoe Kah Hong Were Hanged At Changi Prison After Two Children Were Found Dead Within A Fortnight In 1981, The Toa Payoh Ritual Killings Proved Shocking For The Revelations About Self Styled Spirit Medium Adrian Lim S Greed, Depravity And Cruelty The Confidence Trickster Persuaded Numerous Women That He Possessed Supernatural Powers And They Paid Him With Money, Valuables And Sex He Tortured His Victims With Primitive Electric Shock Treatments That Left One Man Dead He Was A Monster Who Beat, Slapped And Kicked His Women To Make Them Fear And Obey Him As He Acted Out His Every Lustful Perversion He Turned His Wife Into A Prostitute And Stripper He Made His Mistress Lure The Children To Their Deaths Sentencing All Three To Hang, The Trial Judges Said Of Adrian Lim We Are Revulsed By His Abominable And Depraved Conduct The Trial Gripped The Attention Of Singaporeans With Revelations Of Spirit Worship, Primitive Electric Shock Treatments And Unnatural Sex Who Was Adrian Lim How Did He Brainwash His Wife And Mistress To Act Out His Wishes What Was His Motive In Killing The Children Over 30,000 Copies Of The First Edition, Published In 1989, Have Been Sold This New Edition Further Contains An Exclusive Interview With Sister Gerard, The Nun Who Counselled The Two Women Accomplices.

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