Free ↠ Legacies: The New Era By Matthew S. Williams –

Free ↠ Legacies: The New Era By Matthew S. Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 648 pages
  • Legacies: The New Era
  • Matthew S. Williams
  • English
  • 06 October 2019

Legacies: The New EraThe Year Is 2293 After Decades Of Civil War And Revolt, The Terran Directorate, A Political Body That Has Ruled Over The Human Race For A Century And A Half, Has Finally Been Overthrown The Interstellar Alliance, A Fragile But Committed Organization Led By Political Idealist Jessica Freidman, Now Seeks To Replace It Her Vision To And Bring An Era Freedom, Prosperity, And Unity Back To The Known Universe However, As Jessica And Her Band Of Reformers Are About To Learn, All Accounts Have Not Yet Been Settled On All Sides, There Are Enemies Radical Isolationists, Members Of The Old Order, And What Remains Of The Enemy Fleet Who Seek To Block Freidman S Vision By Any Means Necessary Meanwhile, At Home Beneath The Tycho Colony A New And Startling Discovery Has Been Made Which May Threaten The Existence Of The Human Race Itself With All The Revolutions That Have Been Threatening Mankind S Existence, It Appears That Evolution Could Be Posing A Threat Of Its Own Only Time Will Tell If The Dreams For A New Era Will Endure, Or Fall All To Pieces.

About the Author: Matthew S. Williams

I m a professional writer for Universe Today and have written hundreds of articles on the subjects of astronomy, space exploration, Earth science and cosmology I am also a lover of sci fi and the classics always have been, always will be My first published novel, The Cronian Incident, Formist Series 1 was recently released and has cracked the top 50 Hot New Releases on It s a hard

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