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Being in the Shadow A Total Solar Eclipse Is Considered To Be A Once In A Lifetime Experience But Why Would An Astronomical Event Be Of Interest To You Being In The Shadow Describes What It Is Like To Experience One Of Nature S Most Spectacular Events, Using Personal Stories From People Just Like You By Being In The Right Place At The Right Time, These Individuals Shuddered With Fear And Anticipation As The Light Dimmed, The Temperature Dropped, And Their World Plunged Into An Eerie Darkness They Gazed In Awe At The Eclipsed Sun, Feeling A Sense Of Connection And Unexpectedly Gaining New Life Insights After Reading These Personal Stories, You Will Understand Why You Must Get Into The Path Of Totality To Experience A Total Eclipse But Be Warned Once May Not Be Enough.

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    If you have experienced a total eclipse, I think you will love the personal stories in this book If you haven t, it will inspire you to do so If it is within your means to be in a path of totality, you should do it It might change your life It will definitely change your perspective.

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