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How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People 3 Hours, 45 MinutesA Cutting Satire Of Race Relations In The Age Of Trump And Black Lives Matter From The Hugely Popular Comedian One Of The Original Kings Of Comedy And Author Of The New York Times Bestseller Black Man, White House White People Are Always Giving Out Helpful Advice, Such As Comply With The Police And You Won T Get Shot They Ve Been Doling Out Advice To Black People Ever Since I Suggest You Pick The Cotton If You Don T Like Getting Whipped Not Getting Shot By The Police Has Long Been A Problem For Black People Even When We Had A Black President Now That We Have A New Set Of Overlords, With President Trump At The Head, Wouldn T It Be Nice To Get A Little Advice On How Not To Get Shot From The Elections Of Barack Obama And Donald Trump To The Tragic Events Of Ferguson And Charlottesville, The Subject Of Race Has Come To The Forefront Of American Consciousness Legendary Satirist D L Hughley Offers His Own Cutting Observations On This Contentious Issue That Continues To Traumatize The Nation, A Wound Made Painful By The Ongoing Comments And Actions Of The 45th President.Hughley Uses Humor To Draw Attention To Injustice, Sardonically Offering Advice On A Number Of Lessons, From How To Make Cops Feel Comfortable While They Re Handcuffing You And The Right Way To Wear A Hoodie To How To Make White Food, Like Lobster Rolls And Ten Types Of White People You Meet In The Suburbs How Not To Get Shot Is A Much Needed Antidote In These Distressing Times.

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    This book was the most magnificent piece of satire I ve seen in a long time I feel like Hughley hit the nail on the head with every single joke, calling white people out and holding them us accountable for the crap we constantly pull in this country He doesn t mince words, he doesn t tread lightly, and he doesn t go easy on us That dedication and honesty goes a long way, though I think if white people read and truly heard the concerns of Black Americans, we would be so much better off The only thing better than that would be to acknowledge what is said and act on that new knowledge This book is a great way to begin that process, because it s not only brutally honest, but painfully hilarious I love the down to Earth writing style, the approachable conversational quality, and the self effacing jokes that give you a much needed b...

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    Find all of my reviews at An image of the cover of How Not To Get Shot should be listed under the definition of the word tragicomedy, because this is about the best example I can think of Hughley is obviously a believer in the gotta laugh so you don t cry mindset as he covers some of the most depressing subjects via laugh out loud satire From police shootings to poverty to protests to current and former administrations Hughley is not afraid to tackle any topic Obviously the people who need to read this in order to get woke probably won t ever even know it exists Others will instantly 1 Star it or label it reverse racism and I m not even going to get into that for fear of my brain exploding Don t want to read this Don t I m pretty sure it won t break D.L Hughley s heart If you do want to give this a go, however, you ll find not only is it funny, but it s also well researched and smart I also highly recommend t...

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    I can tell just by the people who gave this one star not that they actually read it or anything that this book is going to be outstanding And on the off chance that someone else wants to go down the ill considered path attempted below by the very first contributor to the comment thread, I m just going to leave these right here A black security guard caught a shooting suspect only to be shot by police minutes later by P.R Lockhart in Vox, Nov 15, 2018 They shot...

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    This is how you perfectly tell the truth with satire and sarcasm Bravo

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    Is there a word for writing that is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking If so, file this book under it.

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    The good news is that D L Hughley is a better writer than a dancer The bad news is well, the bad new is that this a book that needs to be written I do believe that as a white person, I learned some goo...

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    Extremely humorous, tragically ironic and realistically jarring advice from comedian D.L Hughley I laughed out loud, found myself quoting excerpts from the text and now I have a new recommendation for colleagues and patrons.

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    Would be hilarious if it weren t so heartbreaking, but the laughs come through all the same Definitely worth reading The author points out the many differences in the way police treat white and black people and cites statistics to prove his case It is just appalling that t...

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    I have heard people say, well, if he had just followed the cop s orders, he would never have been shot And I do know this is the most ridiculous, useless, and untrue advice What I was expecting from this book was a humorous satire on this advice, since it is written by a black comedian I think I was expecting too much It s difficult to see how anyone can make this atrociously racist cri...

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    Update Too soon No A recent like made me read this again I m not pleased that I didn t give details His description of how DJT is the first Equal Opportunity President will make you scream with laughter or outrage, depending on your proclivities, but, let s face it, you aren t listening to DHH if you re a MAGA person And his truth about how white people move into a place and then start importing darker people to do all the work is so spot on, I wept in shame That s not all he has to offer to privileged white folks This is real This is true It ain t pretty Suck it up Blew me away Listened, and started over again immediately Although he repeats some stuff in the audiobook, I figured out that it was what was written as chapter headings and sidebars for emphasis and the jokes to illustrate the serious stuff.This man is brilliant So right, so true, so brave to say it out loud Should be required r...

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