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UKD1 (UK Dark #1) What Would Happen If Many People Ask Themselves The Question, But How Many Actually Do Something About It Tom Lives In Birmingham, England With His Family After Asking Himself The Question And Researching What Could Happen, He Decided It Wouldn T Do Any Harm To Be A Little Bit Prepared Just In Case He Discovers The World Is Going To Be Hit By A Massive Coronal Mass Ejection From The Sun, Which Will Turn The Whole Planet Dark He Only Has A Few Days To Get Ready Will They Survive People Want What They Have, But Is He Prepared To Kill To Protect It

About the Author: Chris Harris

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the UKD1 (UK Dark #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Chris Harris author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “UKD1 (UK Dark #1)

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    I was keen to read this book but sadly could not finish it I read hundreds of books a year and the writing style in this just didn t flow.I found the start really dragged with a lot of information that is not really that relevant This is where that writers rule of show don t tell the reader s...

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    I highly recommend this book CME takes down the power grid, and everything grounds to a halt.

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    Tom is a fan of zombie and apocalypse books which leads him to wonder what he would do to protect his family if disaster came He and wife Becky decide to start prepping, so when Tom sees some disturbing things on the news, he knows he has less than a week before a huge solar flare changes their lives forever The question is, who do you share the information with and will they believe you I liked Tom because he is a normal guy, living in the UK, who loves to read my favourite kinds of books and I could relate to him completely When you read these prepper, EMP, solar flare and zombie books, you can t help putting yourself in those situations and wondering what you would do different That is part of the fun and excitement of reading those genres Tom starts to seriously think how he would protect his family if a disaster hit, especially when the UK does not allow homeowners to have guns.One thing I love about prepper disaster books is following the person in their disaster preperations as they plan their food stockpile, home defence, weapons, strategy, power etc They discuss the merits of staying at home or going to their caravan in Wales They make lists and start to buy in the supplies they think they need However, things soon turn manic when Tom finds out about a solar flare that will hit in under a week, and he and Becky rush to get as much as they can in the time they have left Tom see...

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    This book is entertaining enough, the writing isn t great but it s basically like indulging in a survivalist fantasy However I couldn t shook off the feeling it was extremely sexist Women have no role in this book other t...

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    At last a good story survival book for the UK Great presentation scenario explored in detail, interesting characters and highly readable content Read it in one sitting If there will ever be a continuation I will buy it in a heartbeat for sure

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    Keeps you readingThis is an unusual type of read one I was not too sure would keep my attention, I mean a prepper story were the guy is not even a real prepper he s just worried about the what ifs Anyway it has a great story line and actuall...

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    I struggled to get through this book As mentioned by other reviewers, the writing did not flow There was a lot of and then we discussed this in the narrative Events which could have been explained and detailed better seemed to be rushed ov...

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    Scary but upliftingTalk about the end of days This story is so vitally portrayed that it s scary What would we do if the whole economy collapsed including finding food to eat The group in the story come across as real and amazingly about to work tog...

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    Well doneI really enjoyed this book It centers on an average neighborhood showing their efforts to make their way through a now powerless world The sun has knocked out all modern electrical systems, computer...

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    Enjoyed this book immensely.I really enjoyed reading a different take on a kind of post apocalypse type book In fact I read this very quickly and am set to start the next after this review It is refreshing to have a realistic story w...

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