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UKD2 (UK Dark #2) The Story Continues Contact With Jerry S Brother Has Been Made Having Defied All The Odds And Survived, Will The Group Make It Through The Trials To Come They Ve Fought Off Brutal Attacks And Taken Lives To Protect Their Loved Ones Will The Arrival Of The Army Bring Them Security The Answer Is No Powerful Enemies Are Out There Who Will Risk Everything To Take What They Have Will They Be Able To Defeat Them And Keep Everyone Safe Continue To Follow Tom, His Family, His Neighbours And Friends As They Face New Challenges And Threats To Their Very Existence They Are Surviving Would You

10 thoughts on “UKD2 (UK Dark #2)

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    A really great continuation of the series Do not miss this

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    Addicted to the dark series I love this series I have read the first two books in five days and can t wait to start the next I love the introduction of new characters, some of which are famous inflicts society and are some of my favorite people do instantly loved their presence in the story Al...

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    Loved it I only bought my kindle a week ago and these were the first books I downloaded From the onset I was glued and couldn t put it down They are very well written and make you feel like you are part of the community it speaks of Looking forward to book 3 ...

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    Excellent page turner Definitely reccomend this series for anyone with an interest in prepping and wonder how an apocalyptic scenario coukd play out Even so it s Interesting to see an survival apocalypse story in a UK setting The authors addition of some...

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    GreatGreat second book leaving a cliff hanger of a finish for book 3 Any book that can incorporate price Harry into a post apocalypse story line deserves 4 stars

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    Great Book Loved the first book great characters and a gripping end will be getting the final book in the trilogy Awesome

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    Should have stopped at twoWas not happy with ending Took the book from what could happen into something story story Something soap opera like.

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    I loved this book Engaging from the off, no zombies , it made my eyes sting as I fought off the tears and made me think about stocking up.

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