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The Clown Jeb Jefferson Gave Up On Working Hard It Isn T Just The Money, But The American Idea Of Getting Ahead By Working Hard Is Dead In Pittsburgh The Steel Mills Closed Back When His Grandfather Was Working, And A High School Dropout Like Jeb Hit A Brick Wall With Dead End Jobs His Girlfriend, Ariel Knows Something Is Wrong, But She Doesn T Know What There Is A String Of Robberies That Are Terrorizing The City And The Police Can T Stop Them But Ariel Has A Pressing Problem When She Decides To Leave Jeb Her Best Friend, Scott, Is Always There To Catch Her When She Falls, But She Doesn T Know That He Wants Than Friendship Scott Is Working At His Family S Bar And With The Robberies Going On All Over Town He Has His Gun Ready For Protection Everyone Is Talking About The Spectacular Crime Spree Even The Three Rivers Give An Opinion About What Should Be Done To Stop The Clown The Clown Is Written With Twenty One Points Of View Moving The Story Along A Satire With Comedy, Drama, Crime Thriller, Fantasy, And Romance Elements, This Novella Has Underlining Social Commentary About The State Of The Working Class In Modern America Where Life Without A Father Is Too Common.

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    The concept is an interesting one to consider, ridiculous, yet clever too Commit armed robberies and other crimes dressed as a clown You ll stand out in a crowd, but what are the odds that anyone will be able to identify you later Start a little crime spree and soon legitimate clowns will look suspicious, copy cats will come out as well Maybe you ll get away with it The book description even tells you the culprit is a guy named Jeb Well, the main culprit at least And that s fairly clear near the start of this novella It s a quick read, with short, easily digestible sections, each of them having an ever changing character providing the point of view for that section Jeb, his girlfriend Ariel, and Scott, a bar owner with a stutter who has had a thing for Ariel since they were kids, are the characters we see the most But there are plenty of other minor characters that provide their point of view, some random people who become involved in the crime spree Some of the characters aren t even human, with the City of Pittsburgh where the story takes place and the Ohio River both providing a point of view Yes, it s different, but not as strange as it migh...

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    Very interesting and great author.

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