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UKD3 (UK Dark #3) Winter Is Setting In And The Group Must Battle The Worsening Weather, As Well As Others Who Want To Annihilate Them Cut Off From Any Assistance The Government Can Provide, They Realise How Tenuous Their Grip On Survival Is Facing Plagues Of Rats, Disease And Death, The Group Is Forced To Make A Fateful Decision Evacuate The Compound So That Some Can Survive The Disease Those Who Stay To Care For Family Who Have Succumbed To The Plague Face Almost Certain Death.

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    Another fantastic read one of my favorite post apocalyptic stories.I again loved this, having read all of the Dark series in a week whilst having a toddler and so you can safely i enjoyed them all What I love about the Dark series is that is is realistic and features some of Britain s most loved people, something I found, originally surprising but then it all made sense that if the population was hit so and r...

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    Great seriesEnjoyed this series The struggle to survive and the realization that it takes a community of people working together to weather a disaster and the horrible groups of people who take advantage of lawlessness Great characters and very real...

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    UKD3I have now read all of the books you have written so far UKD 3 follows the same style as the previous books in the series Well written and plenty of action with a very good ending I am recommending this book to those who I know have read Book 1 ...

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    See the review of the whole series in the entry for UKD1.I also gave this third volume a rating of 4 stars at the end of the book Maybe because of the triumphalism Or the rather naive, sentimental ending But overall I greatly enjoyed this series.

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    This was a really good book I loved the great community the survivors have built, and how they cared for each other and thereby developed strong bonds with each other. The strong bonds between ppl is something I feel we miss in this modern day and age.

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    Great story tellerReally enjoyed these books It s always good to find a UK post Apocalypse book and this is as good as any I ve ever found The characters are interesting and I really found myself wanting them to survive I m just sad I ve finished them

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    Great bookWhat a great book Picked up well from book 2 and didn t disappoint Great writing style and a very well thought out ending.

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    Loved the SeriesWhat a great series Great story loved the small surprise at the end Probably wouldn t happen in normal life but that s the beauty of post apocalyptic fiction

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    A cosy dystopian trilogy It was cleanly told but solutions all a bit too convenient.

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