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The Religions of India The Religions Of India PDF Epub Author Edward Washburn Hopkins Nature Explore.eu This Book Is An Illustrated Version Of The Original The Religions Of India By Edward Washburn Hopkins India Always Has Been A Land Of Religions In The Earliest Vedic Literature Are Found Not Only Hymns In Praise Of The Accepted Gods, But Also Doubts In Regard To The Worth Of These Gods The Beginnings Of A New Religion Incorporated Into The Earliest Records Of The Old And Later, When, About 300 B.C, Megasthenes Was In India, The Descendants Of Those First Theosophists Are Still Discussing, Albeit In Modern Fashion, The Questions That Lie At The Root Of All Religion Of The Philosophers, Those That Are Most Estimable He Terms Brahmans, These Discuss With Many Words Concerning Death For They Regard Death As Being, For The Wise, A Birth Into Real Life Into The Happy Life And In Many Things They Hold The Same Opinions With The Greeks Saying That The Universe Was Begotten And Will Be Destroyed, And That The World Is A Sphere, Which The God Who Made And Owns It Pervades Throughout That There Are Different Beginnings Of All Things, But Water Is The Beginning Of World Making, While, In Addition To The Four Elements, There Is, As Fifth, A Kind Of Nature, Whence Came The Sky And The Stars.

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