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Edgewater Angels Set In The Projects Of Los Angeles, California, Edgewater Angels Chronicles The Adolescence Of Sunny Toomer, A Streetwise Young Man Endlessly Sandwiched Between The Right And Wrong Thing To Do In A Neighborhood Where An Absentminded Stare Might Be Mistaken For A Silent Challenge For Turf, And Asking Someone If They Have A Problem May Cost You Your Life, Sunny Ekes Out Survival Amidst An Incomparable Cast Of Characters, Including A Husbandless Mother, Violence Prone Uncles, And A Cadre Of Strangely Endearing Men Either Headed For Jail Or Out On Parole Written In Original Riff Like Prose, Meallet Gives Us A Unique Story That Is Serious Yet Playful, Daring In Aim, And Absolutely Captivating.

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    Less of a novel that a series of coming of age vignettes, Meallet s debut is an instant classic The book follows narrator Toomer as he makes his way though life in the tough streets of LA s San Pedro neighborhood Like his friends, Toomer s father is an absent abstraction, and the only men around are the neighborhood thugs, cops, cowards, and those who pass through his mother s bedroom Even though his environment is a constant menace and a breeding ground for crime, there is some odd sense of community in many ways And although he is no saint, Toomer is a highly appealing and sympathetic presence, very much like the kid in the 1994 film Fresh Meallet s writing is clean and vivid, with a real writer s ear for dialogue and slang Toomer s narration carries a number of inventively strung together wo...

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    Sandro is a friend of mine, even though I have not seen him in than a decade and a half He s written a terrific book Six foot eight you know Remember to tie your shoe laces when you play ball.

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    I found this book to be a really interesting view into growing up in a world totaly alien to me I really identified with the character s struggle to retain his natural goodness in an ugly and evil world I wished that the seperate anecdotes could have been tied together effectively however.

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    Basically a collection of short stories They were cute, which actually caught me off guard With a different cover description this book would be better received I think.

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    pretty neat book It reminds me of a west coast, updated Down These Mean Streets.

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    the author is right on with his geography Today many novels contain descriptions taken from Google This one doesn t.

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    This is almost like a string of short stories strung together into a novel They re great stories about inner city youth in Los Angeles San Pedro my favorite is the swimming contest.

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