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    The basics of the Scarsdale Diet plan It did t work for me but everyone is different.

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    Best diet you will ever find I lost 45 kg in 6 months

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    When I was little I lived with a binge eater dieter, my father, who spent most of his life obese in the generous sense of the word, rather than that medical one where a couple of kilos does it.It very easily becomes a way of life we do, after all, when we are little, like nothing than to imitate our parents I wanted to go on diets because he was When I left home this pattern continued for a while I lived with a person who was also a binge eater dieter and the Scarsdale diet came into my life THE SCARSDALE MEDICAL 14 DAY DIETWhere no portion is indicated, you can eat as much as you like.Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed.Between meals you can snack on carrots and celeryBREAKFAST EVERY DAY One half grapefruit if not available,use fruits in seasonOne slice of protein bread , toasted, no spread addedCoffee tea no sugar, cream or milk, no honey MONDAYLunch Assorted cold cuts Tomatoes sliced, broiled, or stewedCoffee Tea Diet Soda Water Can be subsituted with fish, seafood, chicken or turkey, or veg proteinDinner Fish or shellfish, any kind Combination salad, any gr...

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    This defines fad diet If you once were on this way back when you may remember when you could actually buy the required protein bread which tasted awful in supermarkets Those days are gone Scarsdale has been called just a rip off of the Atkins diet another high protein diet that made carbs the enemy WebMD has this to say about such diets These diets are not safe, they are not healthy, and they are not a good way to try to get healthy, says Leslie Bonci, RD, nutritionist with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Complex and a spokesperson for the ADA They provide short term, rapid weight loss by causing the body to shed water weight and muscle But that is no way to keep weight off for very long, and it s dangerous to your body chemistry And it s pretty boring and repetitive and unappealing Here s what you re supposed to eat for Monday to give you a flavor Breakfast Coffee or tea with sugar substitute and a half of a grapefruit and a slice of protein breadLunch Assorted cold cuts with tomatoes sliced, broiled or stewed and coffee or teaDinner As much broiled fish or shellfish as you like along with a slice of protein bread, unlimited salad and a grapefruitYou can find the whole week here breakfast every day and lunch and dinner usually loaded with ...

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    This is the only diet that has ever worked for me After my initial diet when i took off about 30 pounds, I now use it about once a year after the holiday season to lose 5 to 10 pounds And I ve been doing this since the mid 70s It does take self discipline, of course, but it also changed my eating habits in a good way I no longer take sugar or milk I m tea and coffee, I like bread and toast without butter, and I fill up ...

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    Didn t work.

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    This is the only diet that has worked for me

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    I love this book been on and off on this diet since 2001 it works very well

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