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Child rearing is the way in which children are raised in a society. No matter their culture, parents play a significant role in helping their child become a respectable and contributing member of society. Parents accomplish this by nurturing their child, building problem solving skills, and modeling culturally acceptable ways of living. All cultures vary on what cultural style the correct way to raise a child, but all share similar ground ideals. These ideals include the importance of education and teaching honesty, responsibility, and communication.The major factor of child rearing is parenting. Parental acceptance, rejection, punishment, and expectations will shape how a child is raised In all cultures child rearing is considered to be the process of raising children to be successful in their own community or culture.
Child rearing is an activity rooted not only in one’s own childhood experiences, but in the culture one grew up and lives in. Culture can have a powerful effect on parenting styles and practices. For example, a culture in which the father is expected to be a stern disciplinarian and the breadwinner will have a different effect on child-rearing practices than one in which both parents work full time and parenting responsibilities are shared. Anthropologist Paul Spicer of the University of Oklahoma reports that different cultures and ethnic backgrounds are most likely to have divergent views when it comes to developmental milestones in emotional and social development. A majority of African American parents -- 53 percent -- believe children can share and take turns by age 2, while only 44 percent of white parents share that belief. African Americans are also more likely to believe children can control their temper...

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...unishment to deal with certain misbehavior at certain ages(Chen 682). In China and Japan, discipline and obedience are still pretty important, and in most of Africa, physical force is the norm, although South Africa is joining the countries who ban the corporal punishment.
All cultures have their own opinion what parenting style the correct way to raise a child, but all share similar principles, which include: the importance of education and teaching honesty, responsibility, and communication. In every culture the parents are the biggest factor on how a child is raised. The parent child relationship is the earliest and most durable source of socialization, a child’s parents are the first people with whom he identifies, and they remain the strongest influence in his development. How a parent raises a child reflects cultural views, both consciously and unconsciously.

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