Choices for Couples: Having None or Only One Offspring Essay

Choices for Couples: Having None or Only One Offspring Essay

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A child is a pleasure of a house because he or she creates untold joy to his or her parents. Unfortunately, Child-rearing is very pricey in these days. According to the U.S. survey, middle-income parent spend $234,900 for a child until he or she turns to 17, and that does not include for college tuition cost. That huge amount of money is a very big dilemma for the couples whether they should become parents or not. The parents not only have that financial responsibility, but also require sacrificing their time and freedom for the offspring with love, care and attention. Since a lot of couples do not want to take these risks of responsibilities, they rather like to be childfree couples or only one child parents if they desperately want to own family lives.
There are several causes for the fact that more couples want one child or none lately. The very first reason that more couples say “no” to become parents is because they are freedom lovers. They do not want to mess up their independent and romantic couple lives with kids running and crying around them. For example, in the article from Los Angeles Time written by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, Angela and Jake Myers have been married for almost four years, enjoy their childless couple life. Angela said, “We are so happy, we have so much freedom in our lives right now, we're afraid of what bringing a child into the mix of things would do.” Being two-people-family life is very accustomed to Angela and Jake so that it might have been difficult for them to become a successful parent.
Moreover, if couples do not have any child, they will have more time for each other. They can travel together, share interests, watch sports, and so on, while people with kids take turns to babysit or eat. As a r...

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...out be true to say that the fewer kids they have, the long honeymoon they have, the less economic responsibility they have to take care of, and the more luxurious life they will have.

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