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Coach, Player Relationshps Essay

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In today’s times, athletics are rapidly changing not only on the court but off of it as well. Athletes spend immense amount of hours with their coaches, which causes the question whether athletes should have close relationships with their coaches to arise. Many people believe coaches and athletes should not have close relationships due to the chances of inappropriate conduct to take place between the two. But others feel coaches and athletes should have close relationships because of the knowledge the coach has to offer not only about the game but also life.
There are obvious pros and cons to both points that are made. The writer believes coaches and athletes should have close relationships because athletes can gain so much from their coach that will not only assist them on the court but in life as well. Coaches are great mentors and role models to their players. They offer valid advice and only want was is best for their pupils. Sports teams are not just about gaining the wins, but it is a family. Therefore, coaches are excellent parental figures. Also, coaches and athletes are all working toward common goal. Everyone that is a part of the team wants to be successful. To take full advantage of these three assets one needs to have a solid relationship with his or her coach.
There is no better place to learn the value of hard work and dedication than in a sport. Coaches have the ability to instill values into their players and shape their character. They are great mentors who offer valid advice and only want to see their athlete succeed. In an article titled “Coach, What is Your Impact?” it says that when players have a coach that is concerned not only with their athletic performance but also their genuine well b...

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