Gay Marriage, Immigration, And Climate Change Essay

Gay Marriage, Immigration, And Climate Change Essay

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Many people focus on topics that are important to them; gay marriage, immigration and climate change are topics that always have my interest. With gay marriage and immigration,I believe everyone’s rights is the most important factor. While, with climate change, it’s better for us to be aware. Everybody are owed their Civil Rights, even those who have interest in their same orientation. Even those who come from another continent and want to pursue their dream, whether it be an American dream or not. During this on-going 2016 presidential election, these are some of the topics debated over, I’ve chosen two candidates that had interesting opinions. While this is Rick Santorum’s second time running for president and I feel his opinions from 2012 contrast with this year. I notice Santorum’s views are purely religion based yet they contradict themselves. Yet Bobby Jindal’s words sound like this is his first time running. So with similar views on gay marriage, immigration, and climate change, Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum focus on different aspects. My views are clearly stated in the homosexual topic and so are the candidates.
While I look at gay marriage through rights govern to all people without discrimination,both candidates view same-sex bonding with a religious aspect. At first is seems Jindal only viewed this topic without discrimination. With further reading, it turns into a religious viewpoint. Meaning, protecting the rights of Christian business owners. He stands behind the law that allows businesses to refuse service to potential customers and clients on religious grounds, in particular those wanted to participate in same-sex marriage. Jindal seeks common grounds with same-sex couples within arguments, he says it’s “OK” to ...

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...e. Turns out Santorum is the more conservative candidate in gay marriage and immigration. While Jindal focuses a lot on climate and opponents, and even though one candidate calls Santorum a "culture warrior fixated on gay marriage and abortion." I know which candidate has my official vote. Rick Santorum. His view and comments toward the climate aren 't fully known, I still like his opinions though. Even with his father and grandfather immigrating from Italy, I feel as though his points with it was based on his father 's statement about America being worth waiting for. Still, even with a religious viewpoint, he focuses on the rights of not only heterosexual couples and not just people of faith but also homosexual couples as well. "The reason America is a great country is because our compassion is in our laws." I believe in this statement and Rick Santorum as president.

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